1. Bridging

    What might be the most successful way to bridge? The D-bol method would be by far the cheapest, but I am concerned about it's affect to recovering my HPTA and any possible negative effects to my AST and ALT liver values. I have read that the 10mg/day dose works well to help restore endogenous test. I was wondering if anyone has tried this with blood work to see. I want to try a bridge without test as I am planning to be off for about 3 months, but would still like to keep my test levels up so as to retain as much mass as possible while restoring natural test levels. I just feel that introducing any exogenous test during the brige will only further surpress my HPTA recovery. It seems as though IGF-1 would be the way to go as I have read it does not affect ones HPTA. But. as we know, that could be a very expensive bridge. I was considering a dose of 20mcgs/ED, that would keep the costs within reason. Would this possibly work?

  2. From all of the medical studies I have read, there is no successful bridging method. You can see if you can find anything on PubMed. If you were wanting to stay on something then GH or IGF-1LR3 would be the only thing I would even consider..

  3. 4OHT might be what we've all been waiting for.

  4. I still don't beleive that one. IGF-1/SLIN/GH is the best overall. You could do it IGF-1 alone though. You mine as well throw some slin in there since its cheap as hell. BUt before you take any of those you need to research everything there is to know...THese are not to played around with.
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  5. Yep the best bridge is no bridge according to a lot of scientists and knowledgable bros. Exception being the slin/gh/igf1 bridge

  6. I'll agree with the 2 posts above me and say that CURRENTLY the only viable option for a bridge would be igf1/slin/gh in order to allow the HPTA to recover. We will have to wait on real world results/studies with the 4OHT.

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  7. Thanks, won't run the Insulin, don't have any experience with it

  8. good call its dangerous **** if you are under or misinformed


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