here we go....first PH cycle

  1. here we go....first PH cycle

    ok guys i will be starting my first ph cycle and i need some advice

    my status

    age 21
    180 lb with 12% BF
    lefting 3-4 times a weeks
    bulking at 3300 cal for eaight weeks
    my goal is to gain 10-15lb with minimum amount of fat

    so i will be useing BDC transdermal 10 g 1-t and 5g 4-ad..........4 weeks cycle

    2 squirts at am and 2 squirts pm 12 hour apart from each application.

    next 4 weeks nolva pct and creatine
    2 weeks at 40 mg nolva
    2 weeks at 20 mg nolva

    then extreme cutting for 8 weeks

    so do i need to add or adjust anything?.....i feel something is missing. i want to maximize my gains is there anything else i can add?

    im thankfull for any help
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  2. Don't do extreme cutting off cycle. cut on your next cycle of androgens. keep calories high during PCT, eat a lot of fat. 2 squirts twice a day is plenty, especially for a first cycle. I made excellent gains off of 1 squirt 2x/day on three separate cycles.

  3. Why do you say not to cut untill next cycle? I was plannig on cutting as soon as my PCT was done for the cycle I'm on now. I know it's a bad idea while you're tying to get your own test back up, but after PCT I don't see what it would hurt.

  4. Me personally, I don't like to try to be extreme in one direction one way or another when I'm off cycle. You said "extreme" cutting. I wouldn't want to cut too severely while off, just as I wouldn't want to do an 8 week extreme all out gaining phase while off, because I'd probably end up looking like a fat ass. And on T1-Pro your gonna make extremely lean gains after already starting out at a respectable bodyfat. Bodyfat will probably go down depending on your diet because you will gain muscle and fat gain should be minimal, especially at 3300 calories.

  5. Have you considered doing a cut before your cycle? Perhaps even with a low dose of T1 Pro to help maintain muscle mass. I wouldn't try cutting directly after your cycle unless you want to lose all of your gains.

    Also according to my calculations you are only going to be taking in about 200 cals over maintenance so you may want to bump that up some to get the most out of your hardcore dosing.

    My .2 cents

  6. Bump on the calories....always a necessity

    As for the extreme's an old argument, and one that depends on each individual....if you can manipulate your diet and supps correctly you shouldn't lose too much LBM, but I wouldn't exactly go "extreme" with cutting right after a cycle....try to wait a bit IMO

  7. hmmm he is waiting 4 weeks before he begins cutting. If he were fully recovered...which he probably wont be, there would be no problem with cutting. I would wait 8 weeks and then cut or wait 4 weeks and then jump back on cycle and cut while using androgens.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by maggmaster
    hmmm he is waiting 4 weeks before he begins cutting. If he were fully recovered...which he probably wont be, there would be no problem with cutting. I would wait 8 weeks and then cut or wait 4 weeks and then jump back on cycle and cut while using androgens.
    I like the wait and cut with androgens personally....maybe something with clen/T3 in mind

  9. ok guys thanx for the long should i stay bulking before i start to cut? i thought 4 weeks after cycle on bulking is enough to keep my gains. im scared of fat because its very easy for me to gain fat and muscle, but its very hard to lose the fat for me. last time i bulked using creatine and protein only i gained 15 lb in eight weeks, so i figured out with help of andoregen my fat and muscle would double my gains and it would be harder to cut, thus i used extreme cutting. what androgen would help me to cut? im thinking about clen/t3 but i know that combo is catabolic and im afraid to lose my gains. and im thinking also about usnc acid...which is a better option?
    about my diet i will be upping my cals to 3500 as you guys advised me. thanx for advice again

  10. First of all... You really should bulk, recover fully, then cut. One reason being that you need to let your body get "used to" the new muscle mass so it's harder to lose it when dieting properly. Methyl 1-T has been showing good qualities as a cutting androgen, combined with clen/t3 it could cause some dramatic bodfat loss in 4 weeks when used properly.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  11. 4 weeks is not enough to fully recover? long do u recomend staying at bulk phase after cycle?

  12. bump..........

  13. In light of all this info here is what I decided to do:
    1) Finish my current 8 week cycle by the end of Dec
    2) Do PCT for 4 weeks + 4 weeks with no androgen (Jan-Feb)
    3) Continue to bulk for the 8 week off cycle (Now-Feb)
    4) Begin an androgen free cut in March for 4 weeks
    5) Start a T1/4AD Cycle and cut for another 4 weeks

    *I decided to do the 1st 4 weeks of the cut cycle androgen free because I figure it will take me longer than 4 weeks to get to my target BF%. If I started the T1/4AD directly after Feb then I'd be stuck with doing PCT in March and not being at my target BF%. Therefore I'd have to stop my cut early since I shouldn't cut while doing PCT.

    I think this is a good plan mass builder, lets see what some other bro's think.

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