First PH Cycle.....S1+ or T1 Pro ?

  1. First PH Cycle.....S1+ or T1 Pro ?

    Hello all,
    I have a question regarding my PH cycle. I've been considering using 2 bottles of s1+ for a four week cycle. That's about 200mg of 1-test and 300 mg of 4ad a day split between two doses one every 12 hours. But hear I've been hearing a lot about t1-pro. I realize that they are both pretty much the same but the dosage on t1-pro is a little but less per day but one bottle lasts 4 weeks as a opposed to two weeks for the s1+. here are the differences:
    1Test - 200mg per day
    4AD - 300mg per day
    a 4 week cycle about $64

    1Test - 166mg per day
    4AD - 84mg per day
    a 4 week cycle about $45

    What whould you guys do? Thanks in davance for your replies.


  2. go with t-1 pro its cheaper and has DMSO for better absorption

  3. Quote Originally Posted by enkri
    I realize that they are both pretty much the same
    Actually bro they are very different products when you consider the ratios of 1 test to 4-AD. It all depends on what kind of gains you are looking for. T-1 Pro will produce leaner gains, while S1+ has more 4AD. Search...there are tons of threads on T-1 Pro.

  4. I would go with T1-Pro for a few reasons. First is that you would be supporting this board by buying BDC products (from the member store, of course)and second, i believe that all of BDC's products use their new formula that contains a penetration enhancer that's supposed to be better than DMSO (with less irritation) this means that although you're applying less PH to your skin, you will prolly get more INTO the skin. Third and final reason is that i prefer leaner gains any day - it's much easier to keep gains.

  5. what about t1-pro gives you leaner gains. Is it becuase s1+ has more 4ad by ratio. I've never heard that 4ad can effect the leaness of your gains? Am I understanding correctly?
    Thanks for replying

  6. 4-ad makes you retain water......but it can help with lethargy

  7. that's right I forgot that it does a little converting. thanks for the replies

  8. sorry.. i like s1+.. lethargy on t1-pro was killing me..

    also note ... the increased 4ad in s1+ did not adversly affect my lean-gains/vascularity at all..

    strong as a bull in the gym and on the basbektball court as well..

    i guess if lethargy gets you on t1-pro add some 4ad to the mix..

  9. just use the new make your own transdermals, and ajust the ratio to suit. best of both worlds.

  10. They are both excellent products, I would go with the T-1 Pro. I believe the apsorption is slightly better. I have had nothing but good experiences with BDC transdermals. I also prefer a higher ratio of 1-test because I hate the bloat from 4AD.


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