Question for for sldge?

  1. Question for for sldge?

    Hey bro I was hoping you could give me a little more insight on this statement you made,

    "Its one of the other new Methyls I got a sample of and have been working on. Bruce Kneller wanted some info for it, so I posted it. Its insane (on paper anyway) it will be like the baby cousin of methyltrienolone."

    I wanted to get my hands on methyltrienolone along time ago but never did so I wanted to know how M4OHN will be similar? Will it be measured in mcg's? Will it give insane gains in strength? I'm basicaly looking for the strongest legal thing I can find.

    On a side note let me say thanks for the great customer service and products you've given in the last couple years.

  2. i believe the compound sledge is talking about is methyldienolone(sp?) he says its close to M 1T, but without the lethargy.

  3. Heres a post from AL on it:

    Like I said earlier, I started very low and am working my way up in dose. There is no need to start out at 10mg per day if 5mg gets the job done. There will always be people who will want to take more and that is fine, I dont think the final dose will be 1mg but probably somewhere between 5-10mgs per day. I like it better then M1T, I feel like the anabolic effect is very good and I dont feel like sh*t, like I do on M1T and 1 Test.
    Because of how toxic Methyltrienolone was and after talking with Bruce about Methyltrienolone I thought starting out nice and low and increasing slowly was and is the best way to test this compound. I am testing it, when i get to the dose I feel comfaortable with, then i will run it out for a few more weeks, get my liver values tested and see how it is. So far my strength is up, I am gaining lean mass without fat gain, although I am following a fairly strict diet, I am not using any type of anti e or any anti progest. and Im not retaining any water yet.
    I think this will be a good replacement for M1T for those who cant deal with the lethargic feeling from 1 test and its derivatives.
    So right now I have to say I like it, and I still need to be on it a little longer befoe I nail down the final dose.

  4. does this compound aromatise ....? More info please

  5. yeah I was talking about methyldienolone(17a-methyl-17beta-hydroxyestra-4,9(10)dien-3-one),although i will be calling it something else because bruce trademarked it. I have been working on it for awhile now and testing it for the last couple weeks. I hope to have it done pretty soon, hopefully by second week of Jan. It is very similar in structure to methyltrienolone although it does not have the 30,000 anabolic level of methyltrienolone, it also doesnt have the liver damage. It should be a great replacement to M1T, just as strong and anabolic just not as lethargic. Technically it should have some progesterone activity although I am not having any problems with it at the moment and as long as estrogen isnt present it shouldnt be a problem.

  6. How do you ascertain the liver stress of the compound? Do you have something I can reference?

  7. Bump Chemos question. Im curious too.


  8. Quote Originally Posted by Chemo
    How do you ascertain the liver stress of the compound? Do you have something I can reference?
    I believe he said on the AL board that he was doing blood tests on himself.

  9. I am getting blood work done on myself, but methyltrienolone is highly liver toxic, methyldienolone should not be as toxic because it isnt as strong. It shouldnt be any harder on the liver then Methyl-1 test is if you go by the Vida text comparisons on the strengths of the compounds. But right no wthis is all a guess and i dont have anything to compare it to because I will not be getting blood work done till at the very earliest, end of next week.

  10. doest convert to dht as with m1t ? do ypu have any books , references so i can look it up for liver damage ?

  11. since when did M 1T convert to DHT?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by theprolangtum
    since when did M 1T convert to DHT?
    Since always !

  13. i thought it did not, do you have a refrence to this?

  14. I read it before on Someone posted something saying that PA said that 1-test converted to DHT in 'substantial amounts'.

  15. I don't buy that it converts to DHT.

  16. Didn't someone mention that m-1-t had methyl-DHT metabolites? And Pogue updated his PH faq which implies some conversion to DHT:
    "...It seems to differ from other methylated compounds such as Winstrol and Dianabol in that it is more stronger mg per mg without very much conversion to DHT."

  17. here is what I do know, not only is methylTRIENOLONE the most anabolic substance ever it is also the most liver toxic. I seem to remember reading some researhc on it, andthe reason it was so strong was that it didnt break down very well in the liver, it just seemed to "hang around". Now (17a-Methyl-17b-hydroxy-estra-4,9(10) dien-3-one) which I will be calling Methyl-Dien(tm) is very similar to methyltrienolone, so I wanted to make sure that my liver values are checked as well as when supersoldier gets his beta batch, he is going to check his. So far I am not having a problem with DHT, but everyone is different. I am also not having a problem with progesterone either, even though it may have some activity.


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