Question about "Protective" supps with M1T

  1. Question Question about "Protective" supps with M1T

    From my understanding, if I want to be super careful to avoid sides, this is what I should take during a M-1-T cycle:

    4AD - 10 squirts a day
    B12 - dosage???
    Potassium - 1 gram a day
    flax oil - 10 grams???
    Milk Thistle - 900 mg a day
    Saw Palmetto - 100 mg 3 x day
    Hawthorne Berry - dosage???

    My two questions are:
    1) Is the list above and their doses correct and what about the missing dosages?
    2) Do I continue any of these supps during the PCT period with Nolva?


  2. Do a search with 'm-1-t'. Searching a term like m1t with less than 4 characters will work if you put a * at the end like m1t*

  3. the saw palmetto typical dose is 320mg orally if its an extract. 1-2 grams if its crushed berries. (so you good there)
    if your milk thistle is standarized to 80%, then you good to go. 600-800mg/day pretty average. (which means 800mg or so...taking 80% of it to get your percise dosage)
    flax oil usually taken for overall health at around 2 tbls a day.
    Hawtorne berry can be split dosed into 2-3 dosages a day. but the exact mgs/day one would need to level out their blood preasure is something ill bump for someone else to answer since im not 100% sure.

  4. one thing that i have seen regarding the milk thistle is to not take it directly after ingesting M1T. the milk thistle may inhibit the activity of M1T if they are taken too close together.

  5. and it just to make sure you're clear on the 4AD dosage...that looks like that dosage for 4Aderm. The numjber of squirts will change quite a bit if you use 4AD+ or T4.
    Just a lil heads up

  6. add suma root 2000mg a day for the liver's much better than milk thistle....

  7. Thanks for the help guys. The 4AD I was going to get is the powernutrition T-4 if that helps you confirm whether my stated dose is correct. So, do I continue taking all that stuff (except 4AD) during PCT too?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ckbuddha
    one thing that i have seen regarding the milk thistle is to not take it directly after ingesting M1T. the milk thistle may inhibit the activity of M1T if they are taken too close together.
    Thanks so much for pointing that out. That is exactly what I want to make sure of... that I don't accidentally take things at the wrong times or with each other that might clash or inhibit each other.

  9. Someone correct me if Im wrong, but I think with T4 you'll be looking at like 4 squirts max - 2 in the morning 2 in the evening.
    4Aderm and T4 have very different consistantcies, one's a gel and one's more of a fluid FYI

  10. Let me add that NAC also protects your liver and is probably more effective than milk thistle in that regard. FWIW, I use both since I only have one liver.

  11. I take ALA along with milk thistle for liver protection. There are numerous threads caomparing the 2 substances, saying that ALA is better on-cycle because it actually protects the liver. Milk thistle is good for post cycle to help your liver recover. I take both during the cycle & contimue the milk thistle with pct.

  12. All in all it appears from reading the posts by people that have done blood work pre and post cycle that the liver issue is a bit exaggerated. Taking precautions is the right way to go..don't get me wrong. Short cycles with some added liver protection seem to be the way to go. NAC, ALA, HMG, milk thistle standardized for Silmaryn? content are your buddies.

    The blood pressure issue however seems to be a very real concern, especially for guys who are already hypertensive or borderline hypertensive. Hawthorne, potassium, garlic and maybe policosanol should be considered imperative if your BP is close to being high. I have normally low BP and I could tell the m1T was really kicking things up a notch. My calves would throb and burn just running on the treadmill for 5 minutes, my lilly white face would be flushed, and veins would stand out on my forehead, lol.


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