High Body Temperature with Clen/T3..Is it normal?

  1. Question High Body Temperature with Clen/T3..Is it normal?

    Hey guys,

    my cousin has been on Clenbuterol and T3(cytomel) for about 4 days along with H-Drol.
    The first day he felt his heart rate a little faster then normal but it left about and hour after taking his dose. Today which is his 4th day his body temperature has risen above whats normal for him. He told me its almost as if he has a fever but he doesn't feel sick and he couldn't sleep last night.

    I believe the sleeping issue is because of the Clen but the body temperature thing is what got me worried.

    His dose right now is:

    Clen: 50mcg
    T3: 50mcg

  2. Thats what clen does bro, it raises body temp, along with a hand full of other things!

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