Some AS Adivce

  1. Some AS Adivce

    I recently hooked up with a bro online concerning AS. He says he can get most anything. Thing is that it is an individual that I have never met & don't know much about. He's gonna PM some prices, so I figured if they're low enough I might give him a chance. If he's legit I might go bigger in the future. What do you think bros'?

  2. I think you are foolish to believe him. Either A. It could be fake
    b. he might just take your money
    c. he is the feds.
    d. don't take any advice and just do it anyways

  3. I didn't say I believed him. I just wanted advice on how to handle this situation. I currently only know one source and his prices are way too high. He asks prices like $250 for a 30cc bottle of winny. That seems a bit high to me being that it is cheap as hell coming from a vet clinic. I considered that he might send fake products or rip me off. That's why I said I might go with a cheap, small order first. I never considered that he might be the Feds. Can they do that? Seems like a lot of trouble on their part to bust a guy for 1 bottle of AS. In light of that I will def refrain from any farther consideration of an order.
  4. PC1
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    PM one of the mods for some direction.

  5. Yes they can do that.. and this needs to go to PM's NOW... candle, you really need to think big time before you start asking questions like this in the open.

  6. Sorry Matt. You can delete the thread if you like.


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