Vpx Methyl 4-ad (mad!)

  1. Vpx Methyl 4-ad (mad!)

    i cant belive this **** gopro is claiming that methle-4ad is stronger than M1t and m4ad doset to methyl-test but to something more potent!!!!!!

    read thats:

  2. Dammit I can't log in from work. I would love to tell his ass off. PM Bobo and Chemo

  3. i just read that whole thread what a fukin joke, how can anyone honestly think VPX has any good products.............. well i take that back i did get a bottle of liquid clenbutrx given to me and that worked pretty good as a pre workout supplement.... for energy not for fat loss...........

    that my friends is exactly why i will always be loyal to this site, you guys are who i look to for the answers.....

  4. If you bros have questions for Gopro then I highly suggest you ask him in that thread...that's what discussion forums are for.


  5. No doubt, if I had acess from work I would confront his sorry ass right now.

  6. Yes, and apparently me calling him out, acting like he was giving each memeber of various boards first crack at this is stalkling.

  7. Hey always claims it, only because he can't back himself up.


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