feedback on details of proposed cycle.

  1. feedback on details of proposed cycle.

    This is whats proposed, as of now...

    Support supps: Cycle support, Gut Health, Creatine Mono, NO Shotgun, and all your standard vitamins, protein supps and weight gainers.

    Hair loss prevention: Minoxidil 5%/AA 5% twice daily, Revita shampoo EOD, saw palmetto (dose?)

    weeks 1-4 - dbol 30mgs ED (might go up to 40mgs after two weeks if sides are good and no hair loss is noticed.)
    weeks 1-10 (maybe 12) - Test E. 250mgs 2x week M/Th.

    PCT 14 days after last Test E injection :
    Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20
    Clomid 100, 50, 25, 25
    Lean Xtreme

    Following PCT : AI. Stoked and Powerful

    1) comments/suggestions?

    2) I am still researching HCG protocols, my main reason for HCG is to use DURING cycle to combat testicular atrophy, right now I am thinking of starting HCG on week 6 and running twice weekly until I start PCT. not sure about dose yet 1,000iu or 1,5000iu...

    (this "cycle" is purely hypothetical and for fictional use only)


  2. Start HCG at onset of week 3. Do 250iu every 4 days.

    Discontinue with your last shot of test E.

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