Length of Time Between Cycles

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  1. You mean you only took 500mg of megabol per day?

    Big cat recommends 750mg megabol a day. 250mg x 3. A double dosage would be 1500mg a day of megabol.

    Did you take 500mg megabol per serving 3 times a day?

  2. Sorry, I miscalculated. Here is what I did per day:

    1250mg 4AD
    250mg 1,4 Androstadienendione
    12.5mg Bioperine
    *5 pills/day

    800mg 19-Norandrostenediol
    400mg 5-Alpha-Androstan-3,17-Diol-THP Ether
    *8 ml/day (weeks 3-6)

    That's not exactly double the dosage, but close.

  3. How did you like the gains in size and strength?

    Was it a good cycle.
    Post cycle is very important if you want to keep anything you gained.

    nolva and 6-oxo may be a good idea. But i dont know if a full dosage of 6-oxo is needed.

    Anybody else think a full dosage of both 6-oxo and nolva are needed together. Or could a smaller dose of 6-oxo be fine.

  4. Yeah the gains were great. Im cycling down now with the megabol only. When I first started the anabol I got bad headaches and felt, hmmm, well, kind of high...lol. I felt super agressive too. I made good use of that in the gym. As for PCT, on page 2 of this thread supersoldier said he used both 6OXO & Nolva and he thought it worked better. I ordered some pepermint nolva to experiment with. I hope my rats like it. Pepermint seems like an odd flavor....

  5. The peppermint isn't bad at all. It is what I use. There is definately no harm in using both nolva and 6oxo if you already have both of them.



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