hdrol... heart racing

  1. hdrol... heart racing

    well i started my hdrol cycle sunday at 50 mg/day.. today was my first day of lifting weights.. once i got to about my 12th set it was hard to keep my breath.. keep in mind i'm a hardgainer so i NEVER do cardio.. so i'm not in great shape.. but i preloaded hawthorne berry before the cycle at about 560mg a day.. (1 tablet)... i started it at two a day when i started my cycle.. i just took my heartbeat/per minute and it is about 15 beats higher than typical... should i worry about this?

    or will it just take a little while for the higher dose of hawthorne berry to kick in and keep my heart happy..

    of course this may all be in my head... i wouldn't think 50 mg of hdrol could do this to me... (192 lbs)

  2. my rest heart rate is a little higher than normal...started yesterday at 50mg...

    I would imagine just concentrate on your breathing during the workout...take deep breaths and keep them consistent.

  3. try dosing fishoil at 10pills per day it sounds high but helped me with my heart ache on ephedra. but it should last too long. if it becomes a stunning pain drop the cycle this happening now is a huge hint that get ur pct asap in case u need to drop ur cycle

  4. Play it cool for now and see. 50mg rarely causes anything so bad, it's probably a little anxiety or something, steroids can do that.

    Of course if it continues, or worsens, you might want to drop the cycle because I don't know of any ways to deal with an increased heart rate. It shouldn't be happening.

  5. I've had the same problem with H-drol. After about 4 days at 50mg had to cut the cycle short because of heart pains and VERY high BP. I was taking my support sups well in advance of this cycle also. BP returned to normal after I stopped using H-drol. I guest me and H-drol don't agree.

  6. my bp was 117/78... so.. no worries w/ that.. thank god

  7. the same thing happened to me man. the 1st time i took HD, i was like a jack rabbit. this settled down after like a week or so.......i will say not to take your last dose to close to bed time....you'll be toss n' turning all night.....

  8. im into my 2nd week here on hdrol and i almost was gonna stop it also cause my bp was very high. I preloaded all supps too for a week. This week my bp has come down alot and im thinking maybe the hdrol just shocked me for the first week . Dunno. My moods were kinda crappy too the first week and now its starting to stabilize. I started with 50 so maybe ill bump up now to 75 since things are looking better

  9. poppydogg... how high was your BP?... did you just let it go down or did you add in extra BP support?... mine is fine.. but i'm just curious

  10. sounds to me like it is causing some sort of anxeity issues with you. That explains the heart racing, restlessness, insomnia, etc.

  11. my bp bott number was as high as 96. Scary cause i was gonna stop the cycle. I upped the haw berrys and it came down the last few days.. I dont know if maybe it took my system a about a week to ge used to the hrol and then it just started to come down. Anyways its 135/80 now so im happy cause this cycle has been really good as far as gains. Im on my 2nd week up 4 lbs, definitely lifting more weight in every excercise, and overall feeling very good.

  12. damn.. thats f'n high

  13. I noticed headaches and higher heart rate with h-drol, but it subsided after about a week.


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