BDC check you emails. please!

  1. BDC check you emails. please!

    Ehhh I hate too jump on the bandwagon and start another useless thread but I emailed ya a couple days bro and I wanna get everything sorted out. Hit me back

  2. Dont you think when he checked the other guys that he checked your's too? You could have least put this in off topic....

  3. Oh **** i meant to post it in off topic. sorry bro. Also I would think he would have but its been 3 days now with no response.

  4. Bro, I have received your email and am in the process of sorting out the latest drama at the shop.  We hired 2 new people to help with the business and the girl that does the shipping has completely screwed the pooch.  We have a simple system of tracking filled orders that basically is moving the order to a "filled" file when it is processed and then "shipped" file once it is actually out the door.  There have been several bros contact me wondering where their order is and this is when I audited her records and found they were filed incorrectly and NOT SHIPPED.  I have been personally shipping the orders that were not sent.  I'm hoping that this is merely new job growing pains but is inconvenient nonetheless for all.

    As for your request, we have nothing for record.  Everything we talked about has been in chat so nothing to reference.  Shoot an email to [email protected] om and delineate what we have discussed.  They will fill the order from this after I approve it.

    This thread will self destruct in 24 hours


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