m-1-t.. which brand???????

  1. m-1-t.. which brand???????


    I'm trying to evaluate which brand is better for the varrying prices.

    I see PN has 60 - 5mg tabs at $30. I've seen another site having Legal Gear 80 - 10mg tabs for $50.

    IS there a difference?

    I'd like to support PN because I've heard awesome things about their product. Just wondering if there really IS a difference.



  2. I'm on meso labs right now and its definatley good stuff. I beleive PN is made from the same source of M1-t. I here both are good so you'll probably be happy with either.

  3. I'd say support the board bro, especially after reading the link Chemo posted. To hell with that. PN is focused on quality and quick as hell TA you can't go wrong.

  4. hey bros...I tried to order some M1T and T-Pro from the PN link, when I went to checkout and complete my order, I got an error message on the page stating there was no link....has anybody else experienced this same problem.
    I tried to order twice....
    let me know PM me if you know who I can contact cause the link didn't work.
    thanks bro........GET BIG

  5. Where did you see LegalGear m-1-t for $50??? Now it says $79.99????????????

  6. BMZ you can call John direct and he will help you out. Or PM him here, he will get your order done.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chemo
    WOW! i haven't been around all that much lately. what the hell happened to those guys. they where spoken very highly of on this board not too long ago.
    been out due to surgury, but planned on stocking up again soon. are they complete **** all the way around now, or was this like what you'd call a "bad batch"?

  8. I should note that the Legal Gear I came across was NOT from Legal Gear's website - maybe that makes a difference?

    Anyway.. thanks for the comment. I won't post the website I know of that has the m-1-t @ 10mg of 80 tabs for $50.

    PN is the supported site and I will respect that by not posting the source.

    Thanks for the replies so far!


  9. bmz if your having problems checking out hit the contact button and give PN a call...they will take care of you ............

  10. i just got some of legal gear's m1t, and it didn't have cotton or a seal. should i be panicking? or do y'all think the stuff's ok?

  11. There is already a similar thread on this, do a search.

  12. Since these boards are all about open discussion and information I'll post the source. Millenium Fitness is selling Legal Gear M1-T, 80 count 10 mg tabs for $44.25.

    Kilo Sports (Gaspari Nutrition) is probably the best deal out there - 90 count, 10 mg capsules for $39.95. I can personally vouch for the Kilo caps. I'm 12 days in on a 20 mg ED cycle and experiencing great results (and the packaging is professionally done).

    I too purchased Legal Gear M1-T and received two bottles today. They also did not have cotton, and the seal pops off with the cap. The packaging and labelling is cheesy looking, but as long as the product is first rate, and earlier reports are that it is, I could care less about the packaging.


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