Blood pressure and M1T

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  1. Blood pressure and M1T

    I have been on M1T for six days and have put on 9 Lbs. I take 10 mgs. ED. I have bad lethargy, haedaches and high blood pressure. I take Hawthorn berry 3 times a day, NAC and lots of potassium. My question is how high does anyones blood pressure get that is taking or has taken M1T? My blood pressure averages between 150/110 to 160/120 all day. Is this way to high? Should I quit M1T? I love the results, but not worth messing up my body. Any responses and help appreciated. Thank you.

  2. if my blood pressure was that high, and it was because of m1t, i would stop it NOW!

  3. Yeah the bottom number is really high. It should be below 90. The top number is slightly elevated but should be below 140. Try taking Hawthorn berry next time and do just a little cardio.

  4. If it makes you big it is worth it. Just kidding. With all those sides you should really reconsider AT LEAST adjusting your dosage. Also, 4AD will help with some of those sides too. But take it seriously, this is not creatine we are talking about.

  5. Yeah I agree, those numbers are too high. In contrast, I'm on day 10 of M1-t. 20 mg ED first week, 30 mg for the last three days. My BP starting out was 124/77 and today 135/79 and I'm only taking 900 mg of milk thistle.

  6. Cardio would increase my heart rate temporarily, but do you think it would help out in the long run while on M1T. Are those numbers high enough to where I am in danger or would two weeks of these numbers be o.k. I will quit if it is in the danger zone. What sucks is I bought four bottles to stock up on and I might have to sell them. Also as I stated above I take Hawthorn berry three times a day. Thanks alot for the reply's guys, this forum has helped me alot.

  7. The bottom number is in the danger zone. Anything over 90 and the heart isn't resting. Cardio helps to lower blood pressure. But If I were you I wouldn't risk it. 160/120 is pretty high.

  8. Thanks guys, I think I'll quit and see how my body recovers. When it does I might give it one more try. Also did anyone elses blood pressure get so high they had to quit?

  9. Almost any of the steriods raise the bp, I don't think test does that much or not from what I have seen with my experience. now with you, do you have a family history of Hypertension? if you do then this might have your normal bp being a slight bit high that what is called normal but for the most part you are not helping yourself at all if you bp is staying as high as yours was. Way to much stress on the vessels especially small ones in or around heart or brain..

  10. Hypertension does run in my family. My blood pressure the day before I started M1T was 135/92. I probably should see a doctor about going on BP medication. With those beginning numbers being high, I still think I'm to high now, how about you guys? How fast is Hawthorn berry supposed to work? Thanks again for the replys.

  11. I dont think hawthorne berry is going to do the trick. My suggestion is to cut your cycle off at the two week mark and go straight to pct. Then go to a doctor and find out whats going on. blood pressure can be lowered without any great degree of difficulty. Deal with the bp issues. So what if it takes a few months to get it lowered. your m1t will be patiently waiting in the cabinet for you once you fix this problem. If you eat ****ty, quit eating ****ty and this will help and like shadow said cardio will also lower bp. good luck.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by muscles4life
    Hypertension does run in my family. My blood pressure the day before I started M1T was 135/92. I probably should see a doctor about going on BP medication. With those beginning numbers being high, I still think I'm to high now, how about you guys? How fast is Hawthorn berry supposed to work? Thanks again for the replys.

    yeah they might put you on meds.. I would lay off steroids for a while..until it is under control.. I had to stop my 1-test cyp cycle because of blood pressure ...

  13. Thanks for the reply's. Today something weird happened, I had to go to the doctor and found out I had bronchitis, but what was weird is my blood pressure was 110/90. I figure with the bronchitis I might as well quit M1T anyway till I get better. Like you said it will still be there. Good advice guys, appreciate it. I'm hoping to get to 260 lbs.+ by this summer and stay at about 10% BF. M1T is defenitly the real deal and not for beginners.

  14. Hey, what is the dosage you are using on Hawthorn berry? Not seeing anything on the board with the dose info. Are you continuing it post cycle?

  15. It seems like it takes a lot of hawethorne to elicit an effect. Maybe next time double the dose and take 4-5 times a day with potassium and garlic with a high standardized allicin content.

    Since you seem to gain really well off 10 mg, consider using 5 mg doses for your next cyle. This seemed to help me. It takes a little longer but it took the edge off the sides.

    Bronchitis will lower your BP, your libido, your will to live and eveything else. I have chronic bronchitis and its a bitch.

    Get better, get the BP situation dealt with and good luck.

  16. Thanks Bioman. So far my blood pressure has stayed around 110/90 to 120/98, so I have stayed on the 10 mg. This bronchitis is defenitly a bitch. I still workout, but it's hard to catch my breath(longer rest between sets) I'm on atibiotics for it, any other tips you might have for fighting bronchitis? Thanks again.

    Raytrade, I take 550 mgs. of Hawthorn berry three times a day, 1 gram potassium throughout the day, two tablespoons Flax and 600 mgs. NAC ED.

  17. You have not mentioned headaches since your first post, muscles4life. Did they go away? Based on my experience (I have also battled high blood pressure), the headaches are from another cause than the increased BP. They call hypertension "the silent killer" for a reason--there are typically no noticeable side effects (unless it is incredibly high). As the others have counseled, I would recommend discontinuing your cycle and commencing PCT. Even if you could get another few pounds of muscle, it would not be that noticeable, nor worth the increased health risk IMO.

  18. I haven't had any headaches since day four and all other side effects seemed to have subsided, except for some lethargy. Do you think I should still quit and do PCT and then see a doctor, or since I seem to be doing o.k., just finish this cycle? Thanks for the replys. My blood pressure today was 115/92.

  19. As for fighting off bronchitis I can only offer one solid, irreffutable piece of advice. REST..lots of it. Sleep as much as possible and lay around when you're not sleeping. It's the only way to make it go away fast. If you try to work, workout or do a lot of physical activity it will linger and linger..even with antibiotics. You may as well end the cycle and go into PCT. Just eat and sleep big and you'll keep the majority of those gains.

  20. Thanks alot for the advice. It'll be tough, but I think I will go into PCT and rest for a while. Do you think I should train at all with bronchitis PCT? If so, how often?

  21. I'd lower your volume some on PCT w/bronchitis, cutting back one or two sets while still using heavy weight and intensity. Have you tried taurine at all for the BP? I believe it's supposed to help lower BP, along with a host of other benefits. Dirt cheap too.

  22. Thanks, I'll give Taurine a try.

  23. Personally I would not bother to train for a week or so while on PCT with a case of Bronchitis. Your immune sytem is hurtin and needs some rest. If your body doesn't get rest it'll go catabolic really fast trying to make up the difference. If I try to tough out bronchitis for long I begin to lose weight rapidly.

    I'd take a week off of lifting, let the antibiotics do their job while you concentrate on eating to retain your new muscle mass. Not working out during this time isn't going to make the muscle fade away. You'll lose a little endurance but it'll regain quickly. Remember you have virtually no test right now and a weakened immune sysyem so some rest is not a bad thing.

  24. Thanks again. Yesterday was my last day on. I just slept 12 hours and plan to sleep at least 12 hours a day since I don't work till Monday. In January I will start a new cycle. Have a good holiday guys.

  25. I had Bronchitis at least once a year and it lasted for a month or more every year from the time I was two years old. Every time I got a cold it went to my chest and sometimes so bad I would be bedridden. Doctors, antibiotics seem to do little or nothing to help it and nothing to prevent it. I tried everything and nothing worked until I was 28 years old.
    Someone mentioned to try astragalus. I had tried everything else, so why not.
    IT WORKED. I have not not had Bronchitis in 8 years.Every time I get the sniffles, I eat astragalus like it was a 17 year old Paris Hilton and it is always gone in 2-3 days.
    Sorry for the long post, but hopefully this will work for others so that they might have to waste as much of the life being sick as I did. Hope this helps.


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