m1t infertility

  1. m1t infertility

    im just finishing up a 4 week cycle at 20 mgs ed of m1t . the question i have is me and my wife decided to try for another baby . we decided this after i already started the cycle . does m1t cause infertility only while your on your cycle? or as i hoping its not is it perminent? i will be starting 6 oxo next week after i finish up this last week on the m1t. how long do i have to wait before i can start trying ? after pct? could someone please help me out with this situation. thanks

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    M1T is very suppressive so it has the ability to lower your sperm count/production. If you did 4 seeks of M1T, you may consider something stronger for PCT to get your natural levels back to normal.

  3. If you were on for 4 weeks then PCT for 4 weeks then take an ADDITIONAL 4 weeks of natural recovery.


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