Do I have gyno? or just a little precursor

  1. Do I have gyno? or just a little precursor

    I have been using ph's for about a year now. I have run about 4 total cycles so far, but during the 2nd one which was 1-ad/4-ad I started to notice itchiness in my nips, this was about 9 months ago. The 2nd cycle I took I waited until summer to do 1-test/4-ad (t1-pro) I was on for 10 weeks and I cut down alot of fat etc etc, but I noticed that my nips would become hard when I pressed on them (still is the case) they don't really hurt, but you can see them through my shirt when I wear a white t-shirt. Is it just because my chest is bigger and they stick out more? Since I never really look at other men's chests, is this abnormal? I have and do take nolva when Im on ph/ps. They do sometimes look a little puffy and hard, but other times look normal. I dont know what to say, but that **** is beginning to piss me off. Any ideas?

  2. 10 weeks is quite a long cycle for T1 PRO man...

  3. Its usually an indiciation that you are prone to it. You will definetly know if you start to form an tiny lumps in an around your nipple area. Itchyness is not gyno but an indication your senstive to estrogen. Take precautions and you should have nothing to worry about.
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  4. I have the same thing with the nips visible through the shirt. They are real small in circumference & I'm only maybe 10% bf. They are just a little pointy, like they appear hard all the time but no lumps at all. I thought it was gyno a while ago, but I really doubt it. I have taken several PH cycles & a few AAS cycles back in the day, never with an anti-e. I always still keep nolva around in case. My nips still look the same as the 1st time I panicked about it. When I think about it, I have always had slightly pointy nips even as a kid.

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