Ok easy enough for intro. Im 30 I stand 6'6 and am 208 lbs. I still look like a stringbean as my girl puts it. Ive tried for as long as I can remember to put on weight but nothing seems to work. Eating 6 meals a day eating healthy even gagging down whey protein and raw eggs...nothing works. A friend of mine offered me a position as a bouncer but said I needed to bulk up. Ive read through the forums to try and get some answers but not really the target I was needing. Anyway he gave me 3 boxes of the stuff LowTiyel. Ive read some of the things on the forum about it which really seem to be few and far between but from what I gain it seems like only 10% soaks into your skin, based on what Ive read. Ive never bought or used any gear before so please excuse me if I ramble. He did however suggest that I start with Sustanon 250 and even mentioned that I could get it in pre-loaded syringes. DOnt know if thats any good. He mentioned though that Id need to do at least 2 6 week cycles. Which brings me to my second problem being broke and jobless. So I guess my questions are Is sustanon 250 a good product? And do I really have to do 2 cycles before I see any results? And is this LowTiyel gel worth a crap or should I just go on and throw it.

Any help would be appreciated.