Up-ing Dosages?

  1. Up-ing Dosages?

    Well I am almost thru my 1st week on T1-Pro at 2 Squirts a day as this is my first cycle of PH's. Would it be wise to stay at this dosage level for the full 4 weeks or should I up it to 4 squirts a day (2 Morning, 2 Evening) maybe after 2 weeks?

    I see people going from 10mg a day to 20mg a day on M 1-T after there 1st week. What do you all think?

  2. How are gains on 2 squirts per day?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by theprolangtum
    How are gains on 2 squirts per day?

    I seem to be feeling tighter. Keeping pumps longer. I haven't really noticed any major gains in strength yet though. My 3rd day my nipps were a little sore but now they seem to be fine.

  4. I would give it another week at your current dose. It takes a good week to kick in. Best of luck

  5. T-1 Pro is totally different from M1t. You will not really see any gains on t-1 Pro until week 2. Your biggest gains will be weeks 3-4. I strongly suggest sticking with 2 squirts at least 3 weeks. If you want to up it after that, maybe consider 3 squirts (2 squirts morning, 1 nite- or vice versa). It would actually be better to extend the cycle to 5 or 6 weeks at a lower dosage than to go balls-out for 4 weeks. If this is your first cycle, as I think it is by your other posts, you will get great gains even at 2-3 squirts a day.

    4 squirts a day is extreme/hardcore dosing, that would be nuts for a 1st cycle. I have never exceeded 3 squirts a day & I'm 6' 215 at 10% bf, & "experienced".



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