Making sure the 1-test-cyp I made is o.k

  1. Question Making sure the 1-test-cyp I made is o.k

    Just last night I converted 10G of 1-test-cyp powder. Just wanted to post how I did it, and if the 1-test-cyp should be o.k. to use.
    I used:
    10G of 1-test-cyp powder
    3ml of magic solution
    40ML sterile oil
    whatman, and syringes
    anyway I added the powder to the magic solution and it took about 1/2 hr before it started doing its magic, I had to put it in a bath of hot water and it helped. THen I added the oil and then filtered through the whatman. Here are some pics of what I ended up with to be 200mg/ml of 50ML of 1-test-cyp.

  2. For some reason I cannot attach the pics...any ideas??

  3. Sounds good Bro.
    Just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't crystalize.

  4. Got them to post....
    Still looks the same as when I took the pics a few days ago, going to inject tonight.
    Let me know how it looks...

  5. Looks good Bro.

  6. Just used 1/2 ml (100ML) tonight, painless so far, will post update in a few days, it looked the same as in the pics.


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