Prohormones and women

  1. Prohormones and women

    Hey, I was just wondering if anybody out there has any firsthand knoledge about prohormones used by women - 1AD in particular. A local supplement store recomended the 1AD, she is hot already and I'd like to keep calling her Babe instead of.... Bud,...Pal,....or Bob!

  2. Read the faq, stickys or the label on the bottle of 1AD itself.

  3. I know a girl that takes 1test and 19 nor in a 6on/6off continuous cycle. She claims modest gains and minimal sides, mainly descreased libido. She looks a little masculine and seems to have somewhat of a hairline but it could just be the hairstyle. Overall she's pretty cute. Not sure about dosages or diet she follows.
    Hope this helps.

  4. My GF took Nor-ADerm(2-3 squirts 2x daily) for a little bit. At first she loved it but then went on a business trip and decided to up the dosage(6-8 squirts 2x daily). She then put on a lot of water weight and discontinued. Nor is probably the best for women (b/c of its lack of androgenic sides).

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll pass it all on and hope she makes a good decission.



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