Can someone explain this to me (about test)

  1. Can someone explain this to me (about test)

    when u first start a cycle of test-E, why do the initial libido and well being effects kick in right away... but the strength doesnt kick in until later?(4th-5th week)
    could someone explain that medically. tHANKS

  2. thats a good question i never understood either. i felt so good at first, then the water gains came, then the muscle came.

  3. test e peaks in your blood plasma levels 8 days after the first injection....this is where the feeling of well being and libido boost may be coming far as strength gains go id would assume it just takes the test a while to work its way up to supraphysiological levels....

  4. The test begins to enter your bloodstream the day you inject it. But that doesn't mean that your muscles and tendons and central nervous system are to the point where you can bench 20 pounds more overnight. You provide the training stimulus and your body responds by adapting, growing, and super compensating. But for it to be measurable, it takes time. It is simply that your body cannot grow or become instantly strong for you to notice overnight.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

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