Stanozolol Nandrolone False Positives?

  1. Stanozolol Nandrolone False Positives?

    Was wondering if you guys knew of any supplements that have these products or metabolites of these products in them. Stanzolol, nandrolone, or the nan metabs 19-Norandrosterone and 19-Noretiocholanolone. Any OTC supps known to have anything related to these in them. Also does anyone know the half life ot Stanzolol and nandrolone. Thanks in advance!

  2. FINAVOL 19nor tren by aps maybe?

  3. Shamrock is a liar and known juicer. He is just trying to get a little positive spin out of this.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. In before the lock?
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  5. GASP!

    You mean to tell me that a former WWF pro-wrestler does ster0ids!! SAy it isnt so, lol. I am sure he is taking something it is just interesting because everyone who gets caught in MMA gets caught with the same thing. Maybe cause it gives you more dry gains so its the best thing to take I dunno, but its funny how all of them test positive for this and they all claim they didnt take anything. I normally believe that they did do something at the very least, just wondering if its the real thing or some PH clone or something. I think I remember sherk saying that he took some Gaspari supp that was OTC, i think he tried to say it was Novedex but it was probably more like Orastan-E.



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