Build your own transdermal! What you making?

  1. Build your own transdermal! What you making?

    Just curious to hear what some folks plan on building for a good transdermal..

  2. I'm following decypherdbeats example with 1T/4AD. I'll be using the C2G formula as well. As far as PH, it will be a 1:1 ratio with 10% DMSO.

  3. i had incredible gains using the original t-1 10grams of 4diol, and 5 grams of 1-t
    i will be making some of this for sure.

    hey im reading that you will be shipped the powders and you have to mix them yourself, is this true and will you have to do anything special to them to get them to mix all the way up?

    thanks bro's

  4. Nope just heat up the Tgel a little if you have any trouble mixing it. But supposedly it is supposed to be great for mixing(new formula).

  5. I have mixed raw powders into the old t-gel, & it always required heating. The new stuff will dissolve a lot more, but may still need a liitle heating. Boil a small pot of water & let it cool a few minutes. Then put the bottles in there for 5 min or so. The gel will get more viscous when hot so it's much easier to shake & mix the powder in. You may need to shake/heat a few times to get it all in if you are going for max capacity. Make sure you vent the bottles by turning the pump, but dont take the tops off. I had an uncapped bottle expand while in hot water, then tip over into the water. I lost a little into the water & burned the crap out of my hand.



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