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  1. Question What to take?

    Hi guys this is my first post, I've been trying to reasearch alot and to be honest with you my head just hurts, so don't flame me to much. Let me tell you a bit about myself first.

    I'm 23, 5'11, 181lbs. Still got a bit of a gut, but not too too bad. My diet is good and I lift heavy 4-5 days a week. After workout I put the treadmill on the highest incline and just climb hills for 20-30 mins.

    Currently my only suppliment is protien.

    Now I've been wanting to try a cycle of m1t. So begins my questions...

    1.) Will most mass be lean muscle mass?
    2.) If my BF% is high is it worth taking?
    3.) I get confused on m1t, 1-test, 4-ad..etc.
    4.) If I would bennefit from taking 1 or the other, which would suit me better?

    Thanks guys.

  2. Arrow

    Im no pro but ill give this a shot...

    At 5'11" 181lbs i dont think you're bf is too high cause im 5'6" 180lbs at about 12%bf roughly so i think your bf is fine.

    Not sure what your workout is like but it sounds like you're in good shape to run the treadmill at max incline for 20-30 min. after your workout so i think thats excellent.

    To answer the question about lean mass gains...on m1t they're lean mass gains.

    "methyl" 1-test and 1-test are the same compound except the methyl version is much more "absorbable" by the body so its more effective..but also more hepatoxic to the liver like any other oral anabolic steroid so there are more side effects associated with it as opposed to regular 1-test. Do not be fooled by this compound as it is a "steroid" and is just as powerful as any other anabolic steroid. It is only legal for now because of some loop holes in the gov't. FOR NOW.

    4-AD is "4-androstendiol" a prohormone that when enters the body converts to testosterone. Currently one of the most popular prohormones out there but not for long with people coming out with methylated versions of the same thing.

    There are mixed felings on what a novice should use for a beginners cycle so i will leave that for one of the mods or another board member to answer Hope that answered some of your questions.

  3. How long have you been training?
    Do you have a full understanding of proper nutrition?

  4. Jynx,

    Most importantly, make sure that your diet is in check, and you are getting the nutrients you need. If you decide to try a cycle of PHs, and if this is your first one, many people recommend a 1-AD/4-AD stack. These you would take together at the following dosage:

    100mg 1-AD three times per day
    300mg 4-AD three times per day

    If you decide to do M1T, you could do:

    5mg M1T two times per day
    300mg 4-AD two/three times per day

    You also need to worry about blood pressure, hepatotoxicity (liver), and side effects of prohormone use. Finally, you need to think about post cycle therapy, including what products to use and for how long. I know you said you have been doing some research, but make sure you do a lot more before you jump into this.

  5. Thank you this helped alot.

    I've been training for about 2 years and I do have an understand of nutrition.

    And yes I love to research, I don't jump into things like this cause its "The thing" ya know what I mean? I don't want to mess myself up. So rest assured I'm not going to kill myself or something.

    I guess my next question would be about stacking. Why stack certain things like 1-test and 4-ad, I mean arenet you relativley stacking what does the same thing?

    I won't pretend I know certain things cause like I said I want to have a full understanding, so I'll also ask about certain thing like Nolva, I tried researching this but I don't know exactly what it does or when/why you have to take this either.

    I appreciate your answers, I must say I was worried about being told to just "search" but even after our conversation I'm going to continue to search.

  6. 4Ad is good with 1AD and 1Test or M1T because it aromitizes. The others do not. It is helpful for taking with those substances.

    Oral 4AD will not serve you nearly as well as a transdermal. A good place to start is either T4, T1, or T1pro, or you can make your own at Powernutrition.net

    Oh ya a search would help

  7. Jynx check out the stickies forum. It's a sub forum of this one.
    You should have a good understanding of what each PH does, and what Nolvadex & Clomid are. If you still have questions then feel free to ask.

  8. NPursuit : That helped alot.

    I have this bottle here that just says : Sports One Andro - Androstenedione 100MG.

    What exactly would this be, don't take, try it.. bitch tits in a bottle? lol.. I've taken it a couple of time for a like 2-3 days but stopped cause I don't know about it.

  9. The worst PH in existence. Bitch tits in a bottle.

  10. Ok thats what I thought. To the garbage we go. But honesty I did notice a strength increase off it.

  11. Placebo effect my man.

  12. just my thought but 4 or 5 days at heavy weights followed by max incline treadmill...are you trying to gain weight or be a marathon runner or what? seems like the workouts might be "off", but maybe you have a reason for this, i don't know

  13. Jynx, are you training just one bodypart pr workout?? Otherwise it doesn't seem like a bodybuilding routine.

  14. My split typically includes 2 body parts per workout. I don't RUN the treadmill on the incline. I have it at about a speed of 3.0 (whatever that is in treadmill speed) so I'm really just walking up hill. My cardio is low intensity as I try to aid in the fat loss while I lift heavy but I don't do it in the sence that I'm hindering my muscle gains by any means. There are days where I just have an intense amount of energy and will do a bit of circuit training but thats rare.

  15. Well after much reading I'm most likely going to try a cycle of 1-test & 1,4andro unless anyone else has any other recomindations. Now with the reading I've done on 1-test they almost act as if Novaldex and things are not needed as side affects are slim to non. Or might m1t with no stack be preffered?

  16. Hell no dude. You will want nolva PCT. 1,4 and 1test are going to shut you down. Hell you might not even get it up while on cycle. Research more bro, before you think of no PCT.

  17. jynx,

    have you thought about how long you are going to run your cycle for?

  18. I'm thinkin on a couple weeks. All I do is read reviews and research. Alot of people said for minimum BF% and more LBM that 1-test stacked with 1,4andro would be preffered. But I was thinking maybe just m1t no stack. I don't want to just "Try and see!" type deal so its kinda tough. I don't want to piss away my money either.

  19. Well I took M1T by itself twice, and I won't be doing it again. The lethargy sucks if you are active. It is a great compound. Why not take T1 or T1pro wit 1,4. Or 4AD with M1T. Diet is going to be more important than the compound used for keeping fat off.

    But either way, you need to use nolva or clomid post cycle. 6OXO is not nearly as strong and it costs more money.

  20. "3.) I get confused on m1t, 1-test, 4-ad..etc"

    I'd do alot more research before seriously thinking about taking anything. If the names confuse you, I'm guessing you haven't looked into the possible side effects and the post-cycle treatment which is required also if you want to keep your gains and get your natty test levels up.

  21. Also you will be pissing your money if you don't have your diet and training in order first. I never saw how long you have been lifting, did you post that?

  22. Bryan : That was then, I'm no longer as clueless in that respect.

    Matthew : yes in the original post, mentioned 2 years.

    Sifu : T1 just being a 1-test transdermal right? So when I said 1-test and 1,4 that was kinda the same??

    My diet is good, atleast I believe it to be.

  23. T1 is 1test and 4AD in equal amounts. T1Pro is 1test and 4AD with more 1test than 4AD, no they are not the same , or even close.

    Do a search for T1 or T1 pro, also the 1,4. You are getting no more answers from me until you do a search, I am tired of repeating myself.

  24. I don't think you've repeated yourself, But if general converstaion on a message board is that bad then alrighty then.

  25. Just ordered some T-1 Pro from Powernutrion. Whats the shipping method, if ordered today, when do you think it will arrive? I'll have to oder some Nolvadex next weds on pay day unless I get itcy and dip into the funds early.


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