Just thought I shoul share some of my recent weird cycle. I was planning on running a pulse(3 on/w) for 6 weeks starting at 30 mg first week and 40 mg the rest. Ive done a similar pulse before and gained about 6 IBS in 4 weeks.

Now, after the first 3 weeks I had gained a total of 6 Ibs and gotten harder & fuller. So i decided to raise the bar and do 2 weeks of ED dosing at 40 mg's since I was planning a SERM-pct anyway. My cals where constant for the 5 weeks at my normal chicken/rice/oats/whey etc routine.

I ended up gaining 10 pounds. I find it a bit weird that I only gained 4 Ibs at ED dosing when I gained 6 when pulsing?? Exactly the same diet. But from what I read I guess I) should be really happy with 10 Ibs with minimal fatgain.

I felt gr8 through out cycle but experienced some shrinking;( A little lethargy during off-days. Pumps where excellent and strength went up loads! Im right now in PCT(day 5) and everything is still sweet and no weight-loss so far.

Epistane(IBE original)
Support(Pre/On/PCT) NAC, MT, RY, Q10, Omega-3, p5p, Vit-C etc etc
Stats: 6,? ft start 200 Ibs end 210 Ibs and gaining
Bf: probably around 13%

Clomid w1-4 50/25/25
Nolva w1-4 20/20/10/10
HDX2 w2-6 50/100/150/100/50
Lean FX w 2-5 3/3/3/3
PWO-No Shotgun + Bulk Gakic