Trying to decide..."The one" vs. dymethazine

  1. Trying to decide..."The one" vs. dymethazine

    Which one would be better for adding lean mass?

  2. there both probably real harsh, if you havent tried epistane you would probably like that better, less toxic, less sides,makes you kind of happy (feeling of well being )

  3. Give it another week or two, and then The One logs will be further along and you can judge for yourself. From what I've seen, I'd lean towards The One, but still waiting for more feedback.

  4. from what I read dymathazine is similar to superdrol , yet soemhow less toxic as it breaks down slower. Anything close to superdrol means no way for me.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Give it another week or two, and then The One logs will be further along and you can judge for yourself. From what I've seen, I'd lean towards The One, but still waiting for more feedback.
    Yeah, look at feedback on both. Not only for mass gained, but sides, and how many logs got started and then never completed due to loggers discontinuing product. Those to me are the critical things in evaluating a product like this, the risk vs rewards

  6. you want lean gains why not use epi or h drol , mild toxicity and proven results, just my .02 not rippin you, let us know what you decide as the one does interest me a little. ( nice name they chose got my attention,lol )

  7. I assumed dimethazine and the one would yield greater gains than epi. I don't know why...I know some guys in the logs are gaining like crazy on The One, but I'll give it a few weeks for sure. These new generation of PH's really interest me....just trying to find something that has nothing to do with estrogen , and gives solid, KEEPABLE gains...any other suggestions other than epi or the one?

  8. Hahaha just kidding man rat poison in a bottle

  9. dymethazine and the one both seem to have much higher results than epi on average. From a personal note, the one seems almost impossible to NOT gain on. Which is nice when you are trying to bulk, sort of a small drag when you are recomping

  10. I can't wait to see how those logs turn out on "The one". Everything AP puts out seems top notch.

    And i'll get on that M1T haha...choke a couple of those down with some bud light and you got yourself a winning combo

  11. bud light, man i chase mine with gibsons finest, great focus in the gym. I actually have an unopened bottle of m1t just sits there with all my other goodies, it keeps an eye on them and smacks em around when they get out of line, no doubt its harsh, powerful , toxic stuff with the side of muscle grwoth.

  12. i'll stay away from that stuff haha...i've heard horror stories.

    What about a Epistane/The One stack? Or would my liver turn to mush?

  13. personally id just pick one run it, see the gains/ sides, do a pct wait, then try the other, just my .02. but hey ive done M1T so who am I to really say. lol

  14. Theres really no need. so far as i'm concerned, The ONE is right at the limits of mass gain and strength gain in time. Anything more gained in either over a 5 week cycle would either be harder to maintain (for mass) or likely to lead to tendon/joint issues (for strength). So I really dont see any value in stacking it.

    You have to look at some of the guys using it, Don Orrell is a good example. He's 6'5", was 276lbs at the start, and granted ran at 4 caps a day for 5 weeks which is more than a full bottle. But he's been on stage before, so been thru a lot. And he got something like 24lbs off the cycle....

  15. The One isn't the same as Epistane is it? told on another forum that it was

  16. not even close. whoever told you that probably thinks creatine is a steroid too.

  17. not even similar really. The ONE is an all new compound that we have to get specially synthesized.... the base chemical of epistane (2,3a-Epithio-17a-methyletioallo cholan-17b-ol) you can literally just email around to a bunch of chemistry places in china and order a kilogram if you wanted to.

  18. alright...just makin' sure haha.

    Also, would 2nd gear be enough PCT for The One? No serms?

  19. It seems to be. of the initial testers, we used that plus drive + igf-2, so you can add an herbal test booster of your choice if you'd like


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