my 14 yr old cousin wants 2 juice how can i stop him?

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  1. i have had personal experience with aching balls cause i didnt take pct right when i was younger and ima tell him how it feels

  2. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    kick him SQUARE in the nuts and give him titty twisters til they bruise and tell him that taking superdrol will do WORSE than that to his body.

    true story

  3. found this at discountanabolics. I woulda just posted link but my post count is to low

    Teenagers / 20 year olds and Prohormones/Steroids
    I have been getting an increasing number of messages from individuals under eighteen asking me advice about prohormones. Although, I don't mind having these types of discussions with them, I feel as though I have typed the side effects up for them numerous times and still have trouble detering them from using them, so I want to outline some of the potential risks involved with teenagers using prohormones.

    Health Risks

    When you are under 21, your endocrine system is still developing. This should be obvious as you are still going through the end of puberty, getting acne, etc. During this time peroid, supplementing with extrogenous hormones is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. There is potential for very serious and long term side effects to occur. I hear all the time some of these people saying that "I've stopped growing, so it's okay". No - it's not okay. There are many other potential side effects besides growth plates. Here is a list of a few.

    1) Premature closing of growth plates. This one is the most known about. Even if you think you have stopped growing, there still is a potential for height increase over time. I have known people who are 18+ who have continued to grow in height. Scientists know that growth plates don't fuse completely in some cases until individuals are past 22. Don't be deterred just because you haven't grown taller in awhile.

    2) Impotence. Supplementing with hormones while you are still growing can potentially cause PERMANENT impotence and fertility issues in teenagers. When you add testosterone, estrogen and a wealth of other synthetic androgens to your body it can cause problems with your normal testicular growth and function. Remember, some of these effects are more than just temporary.

    3) Liver/Kidney Problems. I hear all the time teenagers say "Well my friends used it and they got big and nothing happened to them." Really? How do you know? Have they been to a doctor and had their liver and kidney values checked? I doubt it. Just because a person looks okay on the outside, doesn't mean that they could have a host of problems on the inside. Liver and kidney damage is nothing short of serious. This can occur even in people who are past their teen years.

    4) Gyno or "bitch tits". I believe this using androgens in teens can really increase the risk of gyno. Gyno has been known to happen naturally in many teenagers because of already fluxating hormones. When you add more hormones to the mix, you dramatically increase the problems. Remember that once you have gyno, its very hard to get rid of unless you take the proper precautions up front.

    5) Hair loss/acne/prostate aggrevation, etc. All of these can be increased and agrevated with external androgen use. Have you ever seen a 20 year old going bald? It's not pretty. Don't think it can't happen to you.

    6) Brain function. It is well known that hormones play a role in development of cognative brain function. Adding external hormones when your brain is still developing could be a disaster waiting to happen. How can you now many years down the road there won't be problems?

    Psychological Problems

    Being a teenager can be difficult as it is. Getting used to your own body image can be hard if you feel you're different than everyone else. Many teenagers turn to bodybuilding to help improve that image, and that can be a very healthy thing. However, when a teenager becomes obsessed or is only after short term goals of getting ripped in 6 weeks then it can be a very serious problem when prohormones/steroids get in the mix.

    1) Abuse. There is a high potential for abuse when individuals turn to prohormones/steroids when they aren't mature enough to handle them. Most of these individuals had these substances recommended to them by friends with erroneous data presented to them on how to use them and how they work. I have seen teenagers on this board claim to never come off cycles of Mag-10 and 1AD. There is no reason to abuse your body like that. Never coming off hormones can have even greater risks than using them for the short term, such as halting normal hormone production permantely. If you have a problem and want to discuss it with us, please post it.

    Legal Problems

    Using steroids and prohormones underage can have very obvious legal implications. Since all prohormones have labels on them indicated that they are not for use for individuals under 18, you take into liability not only yourself and your family, but risk liability on the manufacturer and seller who sold these substances to you. By doing this, you are hurting the community who use these substances responsibly. Take responsibility for yourself and stay away from these. Causing harm to yourself is one thing, but everytime a teenager uses prohormones, the potential for them being banned increases. Here are some other problems

    1) Drug testing. If you are a teenager playing sports, using steroids and prohormones can seem like a good idea to increase your performance. How would it look if you suddenly got tested for them? Being tested for prohormones WILL SHOW UP AS STEROIDS. You will have no recourse for this, and could potentially find yourself being investigated by the authorities.

    2) Purchasing steroids is already illegal, but purchasing prohormones can have implications as well. As I already said, on all bottles of prohormones there is a label saying "Not for use for individuals under 18". That is not just printed on there as a joke, that is on there for a reason. If you bought these substances underage and then got into trouble or had one of the side effects listed above from taking these, what do you think your parents are going to do? They are probably going to sue the manufacturer, sue the seller, and possibly contact their congressmen demanding these substances be banned. You just screwed everyone because you were in a hurry to get some quick muscle. Take into consideration the rest of us before you make your irresponsible purchases.

    Please read this over and think about what your goals are a long time before you decide to take your health into jeopardy and risk legal repercussions by using prohormones and steroids as a teenager. You not only endanger yourself, but all of us who want to or may want to use prohormones one day. We all want to have good gains and have pefect bodies, thats why we're here. But rushing into things and abusing susbstances is not the answer. There is absolutely no justification for teenagers to use prohormones or steroids. None. So, before you decide to use them - please take some time out, and make a post describing your training, diet and supplemenation. I know that me and the other members of the board would be more than happy to help you make some changes to your diet and training to help gain naturally, without the use of androgens. Doing this, you will save us all a a lot of grief.

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  4. that helped alot dude. thanks ima show him this thread this weekend and hopefully it helps. his answer for everything is, "but i will be big" i have said matt what if u cant have kids? "so? I will be big" he doesnt get it. he also says nobody has died from steroids. sure ppl have committed suicide but there is no proof that someone has died from heart problems from steroids. if someone can post something about ppl who have severe problems linked to juice please post as much info as u have thanks

  5. try arnold's multiple heart surgeries

  6. A good ole fasion belt will solve it right up,thats whats wrong with kids these days,no whippins,my sons butt would be black and blue if i even heard him talk about doing it.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    try arnold's multiple heart surgeries
    i thought that was disproven a while ago due to the fact his father had the same heart conditions

  8. theres no ruling out the steroids as a factor in terms of how young it affected him.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    theres no ruling out the steroids as a factor in terms of how young it affected him.
    o no doubt i agree with u there

  10. Unfortunately he will care when during his 20's and 30's When he's supposed to be having the best sex of his life,his d.i.c.k. just won't get as hard as it used too and won't even stay semi hard for very long without going limp and it will stay this way forever. The only change will be that it will get worse in your 40's and 50's...But good luck with that..

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Swoldierboy View Post
    Here is the deal. Matt (my cousin) is 14 very strong and tall for his age. His 23 yr old brother is huge and is a personal trainer. he idolizes him. i have told him every side affect of superdrol and everything else he wants 2 run and he just wont listen. he thinks nothing can happen to him and he wants to be bigger now. any suggestions on what i can do? i am going to show him everybodys reply on here to prove its just not family that thinks he shouldnt do it at his age. thanks everybody.

    juice all you want.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Bigchourico View Post
    Unfortunately he will care when during his 20's and 30's When he's supposed to be having the best sex of his life,his d.i.c.k. just won't get as hard as it used too and won't even stay semi hard for very long without going limp and it will stay this way forever. The only change will be that it will get worse in your 40's and 50's...But good luck with that..
    Show your cousin this POST. That would make me think.

  13. i know. i am this weekend

  14. show him the videos on youtube of greg valentino trying to drain his blood from his biceps

  15. tell him you heard about some better stuff.. take his money, fill a bottle with sugar pills and i bet hell ride out the placebo..

  16. thats a thought that me and texaslifter 89 were gonna do maybe fill mdrol with flour and let him think he is on something

  17. just go pick something up at the shop that resembles the pill..

    tell him to eat a sh** load too because he'll need the calories, and i bet the kid will think hes superman

  18. hahaha so true. ill see what be and texaslifter89 wanna do come up with a plan. ima show him the thread but not the ones where ppl say to give him different pills

  19. I meet a 16 yr old at the gym doing the same thing. His moms boyfriend knew his **** and this young man was going to risk his health. I wrote down a short list of problems and asked him to look it up for himself on the net. It seems that moms idiot er boyfriend came with him to the gym the next week and brought mom along. As we set there I listened to an ass so I asked if he ever did steroids. I pulled my gear out of my bag and said here is a 1.5 needle and test e. O yea plenty of times so I gave him a needle and asked him to show the boy how its done. O its just pills its ok, no its not, different compounds still high risk health risks. Younger the user greater the risk. Any compound taken to alter your body has its risks...Mom told me that my stull was illegal, no Its a RX for a health problem. I opened the needle and asked how would you like to self inject 2X a week for life? And don't forget the 6 visits to the doctor per year and since you like needles, you get to have your blood drawn 4X per year...Oh yea its just pills, gyno, and all the problems that go along with it. Damage to your growth plates, balls the size of an acorn instead of a walnut.Hormonal issues and just maybe low testostrone levels so you to can have legal gear. Ask him to look up these health risks with you and there are ways to reach his goals without the risks. Help him understand and learn the positive ways to build his body in healthy ways... If he has any questions I'll be online sat afternoon....these other guys will be glad to help him if he will just ask........................... .good luck and I hope he will see there is a safe and healthy way to reach his goals.

  20. I was looking around, and although this doesn't help a whole lot, Anavar doesn't close growth plates. interesting tidbit. Its the ONLY one that doesn't.

  21. he wants to be like ronnie coleman and obviously the only way is to juice. if he wants 2 compete and juices now, he wont be able 2 for a long time cause they test.

  22. i totally understand why he wants to juice. i took superdrol my senior year of highschool for football and we went to state. but testing wasnt going on back then. and i went to a small school and they honestly didnt care. but he will be going to a 5A school and there prob will be testing. why not lift natural now and when ur 22 23 juice u will be just as big if u take the right supplements and eat ur butt off and lift super hard plus u will be totally safe. am i right or am i being over protective of matt??

  23. Everything right here is from Matt...and i quote.."no kid has ever died from steroids. and i alreadyt figured out a plan i am going to adopt a white boy so scratch out sterility. and u ask about sex life? im only gonna take mdrol once a year with proper PCT and organ protectors. anything else?? guys i know he wont listen...not my fault. he thinks cause its legal for an adult to take its safe as long as he takes it right. help a nigga out here

  24. I ran my first @ 17, stopped once I realized what I was taking, I had no clue took it standalone. I did though @ 18, learned enough I think about it. I think back and wish I didn't get into it so young or even at all cause now I never will know my true potential.

    Ive done 4-5 oral cycles, 1 injectable.

    Even though I wish I had not began this part of the game, I am planning on another. Oxymoron. I know. Im older though and much wiser, kids tend to have the mentality to think they're invincible and be scatterbrain, I admit me too. Not everything went as planned when I ran my first or 2nd. But, now I realize the importance. All my friends want the glory of it all but cant put in the time to diet or take precautions.

    2 be honest, I didn't see the real dedication till I stopped asking mom and dad for money and had a car and job.

  25. This pisses me off. Beat his older brother down with 3 1/2" pipe if he is stupid enough to let his sibling do this. Man...people like this....NNNNNGHH....Only because he is your family am I holding back my true opinions here -.- I will pray though that he gets some kinda sense showing up and doesnt go through with it.


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