Liquidex necessary on M1t and 4ad?

  1. Liquidex necessary on M1t and 4ad?

    When I use real gear I tend to hold a lot of water in my face, would it be beneficial to use arimidex when using M1t and 4AD? This is my first time ever using prohormones, I know most of you guys don't. Thanks for any help.

  2. Yes, but start with a low dose (.5mg ED) and work up if necessary.

  3. Is letrozole the same as liquidex? How much letrozole would I need to take?

  4. No, Letrozole is the same as femera and arimidex is the same as anastrozole.

    Start Letro at .5-.75mg ED or 1.25-2.5 EOD

  5. thanks man

  6. You could throw a few grams of 4OHT in with the 4ad. That helps the bloat real well for me. I hate taking 4ad without it, I get the puffy look.


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