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  1. 5aa

    what kind of stack would everyone run with 5aa for cutting, i've have found some info on it but no clear cut cycles, i'm planning on using designer products, so m1t would be good if it would not cause any nasty sides
    thanks in advance

  2. im thinkin 5aa cyp/eq for a cutter in the spring. I think anything that aromatized a bit also be a good addition, Ive heard of guys cramping up really bad on hvy dosages of 5aa

  3. My next cycle is going to be M5AA and 10mg of M1t for four to six weeks.

  4. I agree with the idea of uisng it with anything that aromatised a little. There was some cramping at 500mg per week, but it snot cramping in the same sense, my muscle were just extremly hard, even atfter not working out for 6 days due to the flu. I used it with 4 ad and loved it, it should go well with m1t, 14add, m4ad and m14add (when it is done). I used 400mg per week going as high as 750 to test it out and felt that 300-400 is the best dose for strength with lean gains. Precontest i would probably use more.

  5. Great info there bro, so is my beta tester in the mail

  6. I believe i will wait a bit on the m14ad i still have about 2 weeks of post left so that will give me a little time to decide

    thanks for the response everyone

  7. methyl-5AA is cheap...im cosidering its addition to my m1t stack

  8. where are you guys finding this stuff? Please help me out with a web site or something

  9. check your pm bro.

  10. got it, thank you
    What will the most effective dose of methyl-5ad be? I'm looking for lean gains and since its cheap i'm gonna give it a try.
    What can the gains be compared to? What kind of side effects?

  11. Starting mine manana, Im pumped

  12. 20-40mg per day by itself should be plenty. personally i use 20mg before i workout, and that is good for me. although i dont compete and would use more if i did, whether it be powerlifting or bodybuilding.

  13. Sldgehmr
    you said people are testing m5aa, and im woundering if any from the testers are cutting? im going on extreme cutting for 2 weeks after 8-10 weeks using t-3/clen and m1t and im woundering if addition of m5aa would help........do u think its ok to add it to this cycle or is it alot?

  14. the M 5aa should be good for cutting. I would possibly use a lower M 1T dose if thinking of adding it. Depending on bodyweight 15mgs of M 1T and 20mgs of M 5aa sounds decent. I probaly would not venture over 50-60mgs per day of methyls. In 3 days it has already added a nice hardness to my muscles and increased vascularity without lowering cals.

  15. how about stacking M5aa w/tren for a cutting cycle? if that's not considered overkill what's a good and safe dosage of each if taken together?

  16. I find great results with 50mgs ed, more just brings more sides. 50/20 tren/m 5aa sounds solid.

  17. yeah that os what I would use. i think it will be great for use while cutting, since you will be able to keep strength as well as focus up while on lower cals. I dont think there will be a need to go above 20mg per day unless you are competing or are well above 200lbs.

  18. Hey DS can you pm me on were I can get the 5-AA also.

  19. would m-5aa be well suited for a powerlifter?
    And what are these sides that you guys are talking about?

  20. I would like to know where to get M5AA and what would be a good dose to go with 20mg M1T. I weigh 244 lbs. 10% BF, if that helps for dosing recommendations. Also does 5AA add to the side effects of M1T or decrease them? Thanks for replys.

  21. Well here are a couple answers, I will be testing the M5AA from designer here soon. I will be stacking it along with whatever he will send me. It would be good to use on a cutting stack. I will definately use it on my next M1T stack to help with the lethargy

    muscles4life anywhere from 20-40 a day due to your size, hit up designer supps with that question, and I am sure he can give you a more concrete answer.

  22. Designer Supps, could you PM me with where to get M5AA. Thanks alot.

  23. Dude, go up a couple posts, click on his name, pm him and he will send you a price list on your e-mail. Then use paypal or a money order, and he will get it to you.

  24. Thanks Sifu.

  25. No problem, his prices are good. The M5AAis 25bucks if I remember right.


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