On my 3rd Day of T1 Pro

  1. On my 3rd Day of T1 Pro

    Haven't noticed much except for the fact that my right side nip is tingly and sensitive. When taking prohormones I know you always run the risk of possible gyno, but does having sore/tender nips really mean anything at this stage of the game? Or is that something that your just gonna expierence some when on PH's no matter what? I mean this is my first cycle and I'm only 3 days into it. I shouldn't be feeling worried or nervous about possible gyno already should I?

  2. I never had that happen to me using T-1 or T-1 pro....These products I believe do not aromatize,just keep an eye on it but just to be on the safe side take some nolva.I was very pleased with the results...

  3. T-1 has 4-AD, so it can cause gyno. I don't think anything can happen in 2-3 days though. It could just be in your head. I always felt like I had tingling my first few times. I've never gotten gyno, so i figure it was in my head. If you are developing gyno, you will develop lumps in your breast tissue.

    It may just be irritation. If you apply the gel to your chest, it can definitely irritate the nips.

    Definitely get some nolva on-hand, just in case. I never begin without it.

  4. Unless you are incredibly sensitive to estrogen, I think you may just be pysching yourself out with the whole tingly nipples on t1 pro bit...

  5. a while back i started and about day 2 or 3 i started noticing itchy nips...stopped the whole thing and im just waiting to get psyched back up

  6. It would be extremely unlikely for you to have gyno symptoms starting so quickly. As suggested it is probably you being overly paraniod about developing gyno. My opinion would be that it is nothing or maybe you had a reaction to the lotion or a woman bit your nipple and now it is sore.


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