My Epi Plan, opinions?

  1. My Epi Plan, opinions?

    1st cycle in years.

    Eating clean, looking to add lean muscle, maybe gain 5-6 lbs of muscle, lose 5 lbs, fat.

    My 4 week Epi would look like this...


    20- 10 morning 10 pre-wo (5:00 pm'ish)
    30- 20 morning 10 pre-wo
    40- 20 morning 10 pre-wo 10 post-wo

    Anabolic Xtreme Perfect Cylcle Liver supp- 2 w/ ea. Epi dose




    1 morning 2 bedtime
    1 morning 1 bedtime
    1 morning
    1 morning

    Whuddaya think, need anything else?

    Oh, what would taking Mitotropin do to this? I am 1.5 wks into my 4 week cycle and figured I would just continue with it until it was done. Mitotropin from Gaspari.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. id bump it to 20/30/40/40, esp with your size

    id prob grab a serm (nolva or torem) and pre-load cycle support a week prior and all throughout pct

  3. Yeah, I've looked into the nolva and torem, I wouldn't know where to get em. I've read good things about Reversitol though. Anyone think it's crap?

  4. Just google nolvadex and you will find good sources online. It is a substance that is suppose to help prevent breast cancer in women if that help at all.

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