PCT really necessary for Jungle Warfare?

  1. PCT really necessary for Jungle Warfare?

    Started taking ALRI Jungle Warfare about 6 weeks ago and will finish in 2 weeks. At the time someone in this forum told me that it contains 6-DMT which is bad for the testes and that I should purchase some Anabolic Xtreme Advanced PCT, and some Anabolic Innovations Stoked! ...... which I did.

    However after 6 weeks taking it I really don't feel like I have been taking anything remotely steroidal, I mean I have no prior experience with PH or steroids to base this on but I dont feel like im "on" anything, and any increase in strength and testosterone levels I have felt have been very mild.

    So i'm wondering....do you guys think it necessary to bother taking the PCT when I finish the JW in 2 weeks? I get the impression from looking through past threads in this forum that the old version of JW was the mild steroid that needed pct and the version these days is safer?

    I have the small red bottle of the JW with the ingredients:

    Proprietary Mormordica Chirantia Extract
    Conjugated (-) 3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran,
    Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract

    thx for any help

  2. It was the older verison that was spiked apparently. You should be fine. I ran a bottle and was fine. Some people will say yes you do need PCT and others will say you don't. You just don't know with ALRI!
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  3. what he said

  4. kk awesome ill just save the A-PCT & Stoked for another day!

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