Plenty of Test but only 500 mgs of Anavar

  1. Plenty of Test but only 500 mgs of Anavar

    Hey there how would you guys dose the anavar? Would it even be worth it to try to run it at smaller doses?

    I know they say between 40-60mgs.

    I have plenty of Test-c and test prop but only about 500mgs of anavar.

    Also have superdrol.

    I have just started the test friday, should I add anavar or superdrol?

    previous cycles of test,dbol,var and PH"s

    11% bf
    26 Age

  2. Im not an advocate of anavar unless you are able to run the mgs higher.....If it were mine, I would just hold onto it, and pick up enough to run an appropriate dose.


  3. var 80-100mgs daily
    anything less is a waste as holy the super

  4. Thanks for the replies . Thats what I figured I ran it at 80-100 and had amazaing results. Ill just hold it till I get more.

    *** I just remebered the pumps I had whee crazy unbearable most the time. I could barely walk like 15 feet and I would get chin pumps, and back pumps , I was also taking test and dbol but man that was the bycle I have ever done.

  5. I think I will just run the test solo. Its been amazing so far I have responded amazingly to it. Guess cuz its been a while. But I am afraid if I add superdrol ill get more sluggish and not eat as much as I have been kinda throw things out of sync.

    Plus the pumps are already unbearable. Man let me tell you cant even put dishes in the dishwasher and my back is pumped. But the hard ons are great

  6. sell the var, buy dbol with the $

  7. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    sell the var, buy dbol with the $

    Got the right idea.. I actually have about 600 mgs of dbol..

    I just ordered 1-Andro Rx from ironmaglabs and I am going to log it I will post a link of it.

    I this is going to be great. It is a super price and belive it will be wonderful.:dl:

  8. 500 mgs is 25 days at 20 mgs ed- not a decent doage at all. I would stack it and take it would grapefruit juice to help maximize absorption.

    600 mgs dbol is only 20 days at 30 mgs ed- again not enough for a decent cycle.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    var 80-100mgs daily
    anything less is a waste as holy the super
    personally, id shtcan the superdrol and use epistane or h drol instead. good luck though, wish I had some test Id put a sad face but im new and having trouble finding it, but ya im pouting!


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