Need my gyno fixed - I'm in thailand, can get my hands on anything

  1. Need my gyno fixed - I'm in thailand, can get my hands on anything

    I'm currently in Thailand so i thought why not buy some anti-estrogens to reduce my gyno while i'm here anyways.
    As most of you know, roids can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy in Thailand. The problem is most brands are faked.

    I bought generic tamoxifen called novofen and i'm using it over a week now. Unfortunately my gyno didn't reduce a bit yet.

    What can i use to get the maximum results? Arimidex, letro, a cycle/combination of anti-estrogens? Please help me out, i don't want to get surgery before i've tried to fix it with anti-estrogens.

  2. With Gyno that is already well established surgery is the only option. If you saw no change at all form Nolva than there is not much more you can do. Possibly some arimidex with nolva has shown some reversal but even then not 100%
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. LOL ur user name is gynothai

  4. what did you run when you got the long ago was it....describe your gyno...go into as much detail as possible and mabye we can help

  5. Along the same lines as mooch, post a pic if you can.

  6. Sometimes when nolvadex fails Letrozole will work...

  7. Gyno reversal takes time. My buddy just got rid of his gyno from M-drol using Nolva at 20mg/day for two months. I am currently going this route.

    But many swear by Letro as well. Taper up to 2.5mgs/day and remain there till gyno subsides then taper back down. You also might want to use Nolva for a week or two immediately afterward to prevent estro rebound

  8. Some more background info.

    I've used dutasteride during 2005-2006 and developed some nasty bitchtits with it. I stopped using dutasteride but the gyno kept growing, so i went to the doctor to do a mamography and some bloodwork. Test is moderate to high, DHT is a bit elevated, DHEA is a bit elevated, progesteron and estrogens normal.
    The mamography showed it's just gyno. I asked the doctor about anti-e treatment but he didn't want to discuss it.

    My nipples are puffy and underneath i feel some hard lumps at the size of a peanut.

  9. actually the surgery should be cheap in thailand too

  10. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    LOL ur user name is gynothai
    omfg no wai!

  11. surgery is probably your only option!!

  12. So was the dutasteride prescribed to you by the doc? If so, did he consider gynecomastia a reasonable and acceptable side effect?

  13. If the gyno is prolactin induced, nolva won't do much for it, or so I've heard. Is there liquid coming out of your nipples? Is you squeeze them does something come out?


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