T-bol/Hdrol/clen/ T3 cycle

  1. T-bol/Hdrol/clen/ T3 cycle

    I am 21 years old, 15% bf, and just got done with a cycle of Mdrol which i gained 23lbs on with 3% more bf- I am looking to stack H drol and Tbol together to minimize muscle loss that comes with T3- clen is just to speed up fat loss- I will start that in the middle of the cycle.
    I know many do not do an Tbol only cycle but I am not messing with needles at the moment, so what else could I take with the Tbol if not its Hdrol pro-drug alternative that is oral? Yes I know Oral cycles suck but I just want something to help keep muscle with the T3

    I use needles- relationship is over

  2. the h-drol will not do much.

    don't stack another anabolic with t-bol. just run it solo for 6 weeks.

    just warning you, it's hard to keep gains on oral only cycles.
    there's the warning.
    now, get what's coming to you.

  3. actually, if i were in your situation, this is what i would do

    i'd run tbol for 6 weeks and then bridge into trenadrol.

    with a 2 week overlap. it would end up being a 10 week cycle if you run trenadrol for 6 weeks.
    you'll be shut down as hell.........
    just an idea.

    oh yeah, and if you wanna hear my opinion, using chemicals to get cut like that is much weaker than having a diet that tunes in perfectly to loose bodyfat and gain muscle. if you're gonna use chemicals, use them at a low to moderate dose and let the diet do the work.

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