1. Bdc?

    Ok I can't seem to find out whats going on at powernutrition, went there to look at BDC products and to purchase and there is nothing there. I saw in another post about the T-Gel, and posted asking a question about their other produts but didn't get any info. Are they just out or are not going to produce anymore? Any info anyone?

  2. New formula coming out this week.

    BTW, this question was answered about 5 below your post.****11875


  3. Yes ther was an answer on the T-gel but not there other products. Thanks for the info.

  4. Sorry, I got distracted while looking for another link to add to my post that addressed the other transdermal products as well.

    You'll just have to trust my memory BDC is coming out with a whole new transdermal concept at Power Nutrition. They are selling a 4 oz. T-gel (brand new formula), and at the bottom of the page you have the option of picking bulk powders (sold in 2.5 gram increments if memory serves me correct). They won't be mixed together so people get some of the homebrew experience.


  5. Thanks for the info tatortodd, thats what I'm looking for.



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