Yet another noob question...

  1. Yet another noob question...

    I've been reading the forums for a while now and have answered most of my questions myself. There's one though that I haven't seen asked or answered in a way that satisfies my curiosity....

    I understand that it is not recommended for someone who has not been training very long (only about 9 months in my case) to use any PH, PS, etc. This has been said over and over in this forum. What I haven't seen though is the why.

    I'm not planning to start a cycle, I'm just curious why it is discouraged for those new to training.


  2. because ppl can make HUGE natural gains for first couple of years of training, whether it be trying to add mass or to cut fat. once u find a good diet suited for ur personal goals and a training regimine to go with it, awesome gains can be made.

    i personally wish that i new what i know now about diet etc when i first started training, it is BY FAR the most important thing in living this lifestyle.

    also, "most" who are just starting out are teenagers and are not encouraged to mess with steroids at their age.

  3. personally, the reason y i say not to use them is because training for 9 months is nothing in the lifetime of fitness. you are still learning about your body through eating and workouts. the early years are used to gain knowledge about yourself. listening to your body is the most important part. also, once you begin training, you have so much natural potential that you would not want to miss out on it. it really is a learning period.once you feel you have plateaued, then it is time. only training i think for under 2 years, you have not plateued yet. i think that comes towards 3 years of training. i have been lifting weights since i was 12, and i will be 22 at the end of the month. i make gains all the time especially now because i am getting all my newbie gains back because i was out for 8 months due to shoulder surgery. also, using a ph or AAS during ur first couple months will not be ass effective if you know how to train yourself and know how to get yourself the proper nutrition. you will gain more in the way of gains on your body by absorbing all he knowledge you can first, and then utilizing it to make even better gains.

  4. Makes perfect sense. Just never seen it explained that way before.

    I'm very new still and still seeing relatively rapid gains.
    I'm 35, 6'4", 225lbs, 21%BF

    started at 225lbs, 27% BF about 9 months ago. My weight has stayed the same but my waist has shrunk 3 inches, chest increased 1 inch, and arms increased .75 inch. I'm headed the right direction.

    I have a long way to go before I would even consider adding a cycle to my routine.

    Thanks for the explanations.
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