Cinnamon Clen is shipping

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    Quote Originally Posted by Power Nutrition
    If it's the Clen it's 20mcg per pump.
    Thanks man!

  2. I think this will be the cutter of the year..,..

  3. Another1
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    Quote Originally Posted by buyb12
    I think this will be the cutter of the year..,..
    My labrats say it tastes great!

  4. quick question about taking clen to cut. I heard just keep you protein intake up and it shouldn't reduce alot of muscle....would I need to add anything to help retain or is this correct. I plan on using it for the first time, in a few weeks, and have been researching my butt off to find a good cutting cycle. Of course, there are so many and its hard to come to a conclusion. Just looking for ideas for something to help me drop a few percent. thanks

  5. cutting is more about diet..than compound but your reasoning is sound

  6. ya, i keep pretty good track of my diet and I can loose the weight with cardio and calorie reduction...done it several times, but I made some good gains off of m1t. I heard some people talk about using clen in conjunction with m1t or something similar. I have m1t and 4ad trans now. I plan on getting some methyldien and making my first tren(fina)trans. never delved into aas so im gonna try tren first with test maybe for my next cycle. just wanna drop 3 or 4 percent before I start the next one. would it be good to put the m1t or methyldien or something similar in the mix , between weeks on clen to help? or a transdermal straight thru? not gonna pin yet, but maybe one day

  7. Its ok to combine Clen and a PH at the same time? I thought Clen was mostly used Post cycle?

    Also, is it true that Clen ups the Metabolism by 10% compared to 2-3% of an ECA?
  8. Question

    1/2 ml per day? all at once or spit it throughout the day?

    if you were to split how the hell would you do that?

  9. Nevermind this post. :/

  10. does LN have a phone number so i can order via phone???

  11. Would this stuff be put directly into the mouth?

  12. No, it administered through the anal tract.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    No, it administered through the anal tract.
    actually sifu,
    It is an anal transdermal. You rub it in your crack. You dont actually insert it.

    The cinnamon is for the warming sensation, not for flavor.

  14. ****, its adminstered through the anus? all this time i've been oral syringing the hole of my penis for 120mcg's daily.

  15. Mwahahahahahaha

  16. seriously can I just squirt it in my mouth, or should I use an oral syringe.

  17. Yeah, you can use the dropper if it has one. or you can use an oral syringe for accurate dosing.

    just f***in' with ya dude.

  18. The syringe could also work for anal application


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