Cinnamon Clen is shipping

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  1. Would this stuff be put directly into the mouth?

  2. No, it administered through the anal tract.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    No, it administered through the anal tract.
    actually sifu,
    It is an anal transdermal. You rub it in your crack. You dont actually insert it.

    The cinnamon is for the warming sensation, not for flavor.

  4. ****, its adminstered through the anus? all this time i've been oral syringing the hole of my penis for 120mcg's daily.

  5. Mwahahahahahaha

  6. seriously can I just squirt it in my mouth, or should I use an oral syringe.

  7. Yeah, you can use the dropper if it has one. or you can use an oral syringe for accurate dosing.

    just f***in' with ya dude.

  8. The syringe could also work for anal application


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