Bulk 1,4ad into oral solution..

  1. Bulk 1,4ad into oral solution..

    Alright guys, Im from over at bb.com and there isnt a too big of a crowd there with knowledge on this ( at least I found that out from my posts. ) but anyway, Im looking to make my 100g of 1,4ad into an oral solution. I have been talking to iForce rep and Sldge on this ( trying to take in all kinda of options and make the best conclusion ) and iForce says use everclear at 200mL with 100g of 1,4ad for a 500mg/1mL.

    Sldge says use Olive oil at the same 200mL with 100g to yield the same.

    I have PEG400 here for something a bit back, but there isnt any safety around that I can find on it. I would assume its safe since DS used to sell it and say to use that for their orals.

    None the less what mL of liquid would I need to have the 1,4ad dissolve fully, and what would be the best carrier?

  2. Is an oral solution better the just straight out powder in caps?


  3. Its easier. And more accurate IMO. If I cap there can be variation on the mixing of the active and the fillers etc.

    I have caps here just duno if I want to cap.

    I think a size 0 cap is 450mg to the brim. sO i would just take two of those daily.

  4. 100g is a lot

    I would recommend investing in a volumetric flask, a scale, and an oral syringe (you'll need it for measuring doses anyhow).

    Measure out 1g of steroid and put into glass container. Add some solvent and stir around. Repeat until that 1g of steroid dissolves. That's how many mL's of solvent you need to dissolve 1 gram. Write that number down.

    Now multiply that number times 0.9

    Now multiply that number by the number of mL's as in your volumetric flask. That's how many grams you need to put into your volumetric flask to prepare one batch of solution. Fill it up to the line with your solvent. Stopper it. Turn it upside down and right-side up a few times, and you've got your standardized solution.

    Divide the grams of steroid by the mL's of the volumetric flask. Multiply by 1000. That is your concentration in mg/mL.
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