Hey Guys,

I'm a newbie to posting anything on here, but I read the boards often. I'm thinking that by running a log on my cycle, it'll keep my workout on track and push me that extra mile each day, but I need some advice.

First, my background...I've been lifting on and off for ten years, but took a lot of time off in between, but been going strong for about a year now. I'm 6'1, about 209-211lbs, and I would guess in the 17% bf range (for my log, I'll have exact numbers). My goal in this cycle is to gain as much muscle mass as I can, and then cut afterwards. I'd be ecstatic if I could get to 220 and lose body fat in the process.

So, what do I have sitting next to me for supplements?

H-Drol (CEL)
AI Life Support
Liver Longer
Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn
Scivation Xtend
Fish Oil

PCT: To be determined next week, but would welcome suggestions.

I'm aiming to begin my cycle/start posting on March 8th. My question to all of you is, how should I break this down for the best cycle with the most gains? Every log I've read on the boards is very different and has had mixed results, so I thought I would start fresh. I've seen some people say two methyls together isn't good, others have had great results. Do you think I should stack all together and go four weeks, and then PCT, or should I start with one methyl and furazadrol and then bridge into the second methyl and furazadrol for a total of 7 or so weeks, then PCT? How many mg for my size?

Last, do you think I need anything else? I have no problem grabbing anything that the consensus thinks will help me, so let me know. When I have some good feedback, I'll post my log every day for the duration of the cycle. I've read a ton of different logs, and this seems like the most knowledgeable group out there, so I'll trust the masses and take any advice you can give.

Thanks. Mike