Test Enanthate + AI?

  1. Test Enanthate + AI?

    Hi Guys,

    Working on getting my bits together for my cycle towards end of summer. I will be running test enan at either 250mg week or 500mg, yet to read a little bit more into it and how bigger difference this will be. This is not my first cycle, but i have only used orals before (M1T), Prohormone cycle as well.

    I am fully aware of PCT and supplements during the cycle such as fish oils, coq10, red yeast rice, saw palmetto etc just for safety and caution mainly.

    However my only primary concern is the Estrogen conversion that test will give, my concern is that i struggle to get hold of AI's such as anastrozole, and was wondering would it really be required at a medium dose of 500mg week or lower dose of 250mg, or would nolva cover the bases here at a low dose throughout the cycle? However by doing this may it cause an estrogen rebound?

    I look forward to hearing some thoughts.

  2. IMO, I would go with 500mg per week.. and you should be fine with nolva. Hey mods, can you throw this in the Old School Hormone? Thx

  3. at 250 a week, you wont need an AI. you'll only see slightly above the top of range of normal for an 18 year old at that.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Aerohead View Post
    This is not my first cycle, but i have only used orals before (M1T), Prohormone cycle as well.
    AAS is whole new ballgame, this is ur first cycle

  5. Its impossible to predict whether or not you would need an AI...its always the best gameplan to have it on hand. There is no reason you shouldnt be able to get arimidex, or nolva at the very least. Those places advertise out in the open on the net...


  6. Only use AI's if you need them. Its always wise to have on hand though, VERY wise. AI's have a horrible effect on cholesterol so only use if you need imo. Your chol. levels arent the best while on anabolics anyways, no need to help the cause.

  7. Thanks for the replies, i thought M1T was not listed as prohormone but a 'designer steroid' - maybe im wrong.

    So its in favour of going for an AI to keep on hand incase of the worst. I will have a shop around the net and see what i can find then - only trouble i find is who cani trust!! lol

  8. you can use novedex xt for estrogen control if all else fails. ATD is a suicide aromatase inhibitor, so it will work for that


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