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    I did a search and I really didn't find the info I was looking for so I am going to go ahead and ask. A friend of mine is going to make injectable phs and he thinks this will yield better results than doing them trans, is this true? I can't seem to find very much info on this. It seems to me that trans is the way to go from what I've read. Any info or opinions. Thanks

  2. Injection gives your body better uptake of the product. When using a transdermal product the absorbtion rate is about 45% of the product (give or take a few). When injecting it you get about >90%. So really it matters on how much they are injecting and how often that will give better results. 4-ad cyp is ran at 500-1500 mg a week. were normal 4-ad is ran at 1400-3600 mg a week trans.

  3. Thanks thats what I looking for. He says he's goin to do injectable because he is old school and use to taking gear so he just figured that injecting them would be better.

  4. Your friend will be impressed with 1-test cyp.

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