T1 followed by 1-AD or M-1-T to extend cycle

  1. T1 followed by 1-AD or M-1-T to extend cycle

    I been on T1 for 2 1/2 weeks and will run out in a day. I had originally planned on going for just two weeks but gains are good, sides are fine and I'd like to extend the cycle to 4 weeks.

    I have no more T1 and wouldn't be able to get any prior to running out, but I do have 1-AD (which I've used before) and some M-1-T) never used before).

    Any thoughts on using either product to extend the cycle by 1 1/2 weeks - total of 4?

    I have Nolva for PCT.


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  2. I would come off, recover for two weeks, than hit up either 1-ad or M 1T

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