Help please with first cycle! Sus / Deca

  1. Help please with first cycle! Sus / Deca

    Hi there I just signed up on AM so sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section.

    I just bought some gear a few days ago and had my first injection just over 24 hours ago. The maker is Organon. I have Sustanon 250 and Deca Durabolin 100mg. I got 6 boxes of each with 3 ampules in each box

    So originally I planned on 1 injection every 3 days for 9 weeks. 1 ampule of each which every six days would be 500mg sustanon and 200mg deca. Some have told me to up the dosage of deca to 200mg each shot and i am considering it. But is that really necessary for my first cycle? Is what i'm currently doing considered a low dosage? I would like to see maximum gains and am eating/lifting like a beast. I am a boxer and I stopped doing long distance running for this cycle as i would like to put on some good muscle, i was also worried the long distance would be too hard on my heart while on the test. Any advice or changes you would reccomend to this cycle is greatly appreciated.

    Now another thing I am confused and my main question would be about pct. I was going to just take some nolva if I showed any symptoms of gyno but I have been told that it is not necessary and I would only need it if I did show symptoms. My question would be is it ok to skip the pct if i show no signs of gyno? I have been told mixed answers so I would appreciate it if some Experienced guys gave me there advice on this. So if you think I should change my dosage around from the amount or how often then please let me know. Also about the pct. Thanks again

  2. no, ALWAYS run a PCT after an AAS cycle, whoever told u not to is either old school or completely stupid.

    keep everything like u have planned. theres no need for deca in a first cycle but since uve already started u might as well finish.

    btw ALL of this research should have been done BEFORE u even considered buying the gear

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