How do you properly do a Havoc/11-oxo bridge?? Or other Havoc stack?

  1. How do you properly do a Havoc/11-oxo bridge?? Or other Havoc stack?

    Hey bro's tried searching it but could find what I was looking for. I decided to give Havoc a try, been clean for close to a year now. Figured it sounds like a pretty good designer with minimal sides and shutdown taken with a SERM. Interested in getting full benefits out of it though and heard a few guys talking about a Havoc/11-oxo bridge. Just curious about this, a bridge to what another cycle or just basically run the Havoc for 5 weeks and then the 11-oxo for a few right after it? Could someone who knows about this give me a little in site on this process.. Also a few bro's mentioned doing a cycle of Havoc with some Trenabol or Tren"something" oral. Wouldn't running 2 orals like that be pretty bad for your liver and shut you down pretty hard (which I def don't want)? Or do you run them back to back like 3wks-2wks? Thanks for the help in advance fella's...FLU


  2. i cant post links so google 11oxo bridge

  3. Thank you that answered my question completely of how to do it, now just wondering if it works? I mean I just don't see how I can go the 2 or 3 weeks post-steroid cycle without starting PCT for so long, I will have to search a bit here..

  4. that's one of the dilemma i had too. I asked around about either stacking or bridging 11oxo with either hdrol or epi. the majority of the advice were to bridge them. but I asked what if i was shutdown from havoc. I would advise to listen to your body if you feel shutdown from havoc save the 11oxo.



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