M1T, 1-M-T Pet Peeve

  1. M1T, 1-M-T Pet Peeve

    Does it bug anyone else when people wanna know something about their cycle they're in the middle of, and they call M1T "1-M-T"?

    Bugs me to death that they can't even get the structure correct, but are ingesting the product. I can't for the life of me figure out why they wouldn't know the damned name!

    Thanks for listening. I guess this is a PRO-RESEARCH post. Don't juice unless you've researched!

  2. I've seen it done with all products. Start taking it then ask questions. I also remember seeing people title threads "AD-1 Question" or something along those lines. How do you not even know the name of the product yet you are taking it.
    At this point in my life it bugs the sh!t out of me, but I know 10 years ago I was the same way. 18 years old and willing to take whatever the big guy at the gym or supp store told me too. Didn't take me long to find the net and start learning though

  3. I agree, I think that people like that ruin it for all newbies, they seem to piss off everyone so much that most Vets are very stand-offish to all new people to the board. Just my 2cents

  4. i don't necessarily think it is a case of being standoffish per say, but rather asking a question that has been asked/answered many times prior. lots of people ask questions without searching on the board first, or without reading the stickies.

    and like N4cer said, research!

  5. I only wish I had all this info at my disposal when I was 18-20. I didn't get internet access until I was almost done with college. In my early 20s I went by what the big guys told me, word of mouth, & of course the original Anabolic Reference Guide.



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