hey all, question about a PCT. ive been running GH in the range of 2-4iu/day for 5 days on 2 days off, i have also been using "Androgel" because i got an insane deal i couldnt pass up, otherwise would have used straight test. ive only been using a small amount of androgel, (under 200mg/week) roughly around 160mg/week (like i said just a very trivial amount).

now then ive been on this regimen for around 4-5months give or take & ima get off soon. ive been told by many experienced people that with what i am doing a serious PCT is not needed but oh well, im going to do it regardless. im going to take a very powerful natural HGH booster for the GH PCT & im going to continue taking femara (letrozole) at around 1.25mg EoD for about 4 weeks after i get off the androgel. im also going to take HCG to get my test levels good to go, and i was told about 500 or so every 4th day for PCT.

any suggestions welcome, thx