Body Transformation Stack- during or after H-Drol cycle?


I just ordered the Body Transformation Stack, got it yesterday afternoon! I planned on starting my H-Drol cycle on March 1st. I thought about running all 3 products at the start of the cycle, along with DCP. Would this be a good idea to help drop more BF% or wait near the end of cycle? H-Drol starts off slow and this could help jumpstart the fatloss. My other thought was to start the Body Trans. Stack during week 4 or 5. This would help me near the end when Cardio usually starts killing me! Any comments or help would be appreciated.....Thanks.

(I also just ordered 2 bottles of Anabolic Edge and might get 2 LR this afternoon, pending bank account is ok.)

I posted this originally in the PAL section, no one answered yet. Everyone hangs out here more often. Maybe I will get some suggestions now