Ripped quick not ripped off!

  1. Ripped quick not ripped off!

    Any recommendations for anything to help you get ripped in a short space of time? I know nutrition, proper hydration, exercise and around 8 hours a night are essential, but wondered if there was anything out there that has helped any of you.

    I'm currently at about 168 and want to get down to around 154 or so at 5'7". So many supplement companies promise you the Earth, so its a little hard to know which way to turn.

    I've tried a few Thermogenics too. At best they did what a shot of black coffee might do an hour or so before a workout. I had a look on the PharmaPro site for something 'a little stronger'.

    I saw that Stanozobol(??) was good for fat-melting/body-hardening. They also have the 'Ripped Stack' containg DHEA, Maxitest and Lipopro but I haven't taken the plunge! On the Buy Steroids site they also have a 'Cutting Stack.

    I Googled a few of the component ingredients to see if they've been tried and tested with any success. The reviews on these were mixed.

    Any ideas?...Thanks.

  2. ripped at 154? If you're not an athlete I would just get bigger. If you're an athlete dropping some weight wouldnt be that hard at where you're at.

  3. Are you saying then that I'm possibly barking up the wrong tree and should forgo the anabolics?...

    If this is the case and I should go down the thermogenics / metabolic enhancers route, would you (could you) recommend anything?

  4. animal cuts

  5. a strict diet and cardio. not "proper" not "good"....but strict

  6. Thanks Big Papa

    One of the stacks on the Buysteroids web site contained Clen with a Winn oral and another component to complete the stack - I think Tren?...

    I hear though that they're gear isn't legit and the sides far outweigh the benefits.

    Any idea where to get something that just works?...

  7. I'd go along with that.

    The cardio is as strict as cardio gets.

    By my own admission however the diet needs fine-tuning.

  8. By Universal?...

    Has that been working out well for you?

  9. DO NOT BUY STEROIDS FROM A WEBSITE. there are too many fraud claims and controlled deliveries.

  10. and i think clen/winny/and tren ace would be a great cut.

  11. Yeah definitely don't buy gear online. Get a realiable source.

    At this point, it sounds like a nice stack, but just taking a shot in the dark with your current weight, I would say you don't have a lot of experience right?

    Get on a strict cyclic keto diet. up the cardio to 5 - 6x a week at HIIT. Do a 3 day split or try for 4 days.

    Injectable winny i would give a shot at, but I never advocate clen to anyone. I have known way too many people that it has had ill sides on.

  12. Thanks for pitching in Maurice.

    I did some further reading and found out that the orals aren't great.

    I've always been a little skeptical about some of the wild claims made on some of the web sites which is why I joined this site.

    To get some impartial advice from people who had the best and worst experiences with the gear.

  13. Please for the love of god someone tell me, Ive only asked 100 times o n this site and never gotten an answer.

    MOD EDIT: You're not getting an answer because you're asking a question that isn't allowed to be asked. Ask again and you'll get banned. Read the rules.

  14. I've had some pretty good results with Clen..

    Never tried Winstrol or Tren.. Can't find a source

  15. whoever suggested winny as anything but a kicker in a cycle, they are completely misinformed. Clenbuterol, or ECA stack most definitely will get you cut the quickest. 90% of gains (or as in your case, loss of body fat) is contributed to your diet. supplements are all just kickers, supporting a clean diet.

  16. man I used the acl ah-89 and hmg stack and it worked pretty well for me.

    click the link for some before and after photos.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by searl12 View Post
    Please for the love of god someone tell me, Ive only asked 100 times o n this site and never gotten an answer.

    MOD EDIT: You're not getting an answer because you're asking a question that isn't allowed to be asked. Ask again and you'll get banned. Read the rules.
    funny I can ask if nutra planet is a legit site, but not a competitors, I never asked for sources, I just asked if the site was a sham or for real, I guess ill never make another comment on this site other than a comment about nutra Planet.

  18. and the onyl reason I give a flying fuk is that I live in Canada, as Americans you take for granted that you can get anything in 2-5 days, In Canada its a whole lot different.

    So Im on my knees now apologizing to nutra planet for asking about a competitors crappy site simply asking if it was legit, or not.

  19. 168 to 154 isnt a huge jump, I would suggest you do some high intensity interval training, DIET like a runner (maybe even cleaner if you have problems losing weight). I would at THE MOST do a colon flush or something to maybe clean your system out. Really though running at 80%+ of your max HR should show some results.. I really dont think you need to be spending your money and prepareing a cycle for something that could be done with maybe a little more time and some strict dieting. I mean thats just my opinion, save the anabolics for when you wanna put on a good amount of weight, and in a lot of friends of mine who took hardcore or moderate fat burners they lost a noticeable amount of muscle mass with it.. Plus the extra intensity of the running will build ur abs A LOT, which is definately a plus if you want to get ripped.


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