What is the problem with this scenario Test Cyp scenario HELP?

  1. What is the problem with this scenario Test Cyp scenario HELP?

    I have a working knowledge of how test cyp works and synthroid but sometimes putting those things into consistent practice and breaking habits can be hard. I am taking 200ml of test syp and 125mcg of synthroid. Both are medically prescribed for test and thyroid issues. I am relatively lean around 8-10%bf 186lbs and 5'7. I have stalled with strength and actually decreased. I eat relatively low carbs 50-100 per day. Mainly high protein high fat. I am trying to lean up for modeling and photo shoots. I am having issues with some water retention but more importantly my pumps are lacking for a while. I take lots of supps...too many too mention but ultimately. I think I have a good idea of what the problem is but my concern is about the number of carbs detracting from gaining lean mass. When I switch my diet to cut down for a shoot I am having so much more trouble. I think the test is leading to higher weight gain when I cheat, which is at least once a week when not preping for something. What do I need to add or take away. I need a little guidance from those who have experienced similar scenarios. This is a little scattered and some info is left out but this will hopefully be enough to get started. If this should be in another forum let me know. Thanks

  2. Man I am going to help you out, I will be brief but take me at my word here:

    If you are on T3 you CAN'T eat low carbs/high fat. Trust me on this, t3 breaks down all things equal so in effect you are stripping your glycogen and helping your body save fat. Even worse, you are not ketogenic so you are running off of glucosis aka the t3 is turning your MUSCLES into fuel and burning them up.

    If the test it not presctibed I would drop it and use something a bit stronger and more in line with your goals. If you reall want to do modeling you need to have the genetics to stay low bf for long periods of time or the knowledge of how to diet down FAST - one or the other.

    For short term - A few weeks of winny and some PGCL right before the shot

    Long term - Learn more about your thyroid! you have problems with it so you need to know EVERYTHING about how t3 and t4 work within the body to have any chance in that chosen career.

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